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Luxury with short lift lines

The village of Sun Valley, Idaho, was incorporated in 1947, and its current population is under 1,500. It’s since become a premier ski resort for downhill skiers and snowboarders. And now, Sun Valley is catering to the summer vacation crowd as well. 

Sun Valley weather is about as perfect as you can get for skiing with a daily high of 32 degrees in the winter and lots of sunshine. In the summer, the weather is also ideal for outdoor activities with low humidity, an average high around 80 degrees, and sunny skies. 

Summertime visitors to Sun Valley will also find plenty to do. The summer activities include hiking, biking, fishing, and horseback riding. You can pay extra for a guided tour of the area, so you don’t miss anything while you’re there. There’s also the Sun Valley Gun Club if you want to try your hand at target shooting. 

First of all, there’s the skiing

There are two ski mountains at the Sun Valley ski resort. Bald Mountain is for the advanced skiers and sits on 2,054 acres with over 100 runs. The mountain is a favorite for high-level skiers with its high peaks and steep drop of 3,400 vertical feet. 

Bald Mountain is also home to the U.S. Alpine Championship ski race every year. Members of the U.S. Ski Team are known to practice there regularly. That right there is quite an endorsement of its facilities. 

Sun Valley is not as busy as some resorts which translates into shorter lift lines. Amen to that! Nothing worse than spending your precious ski time standing in line. 

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Dollar Mountain at Sun Valley is a great place to start for beginners and families. It’s described as a learning mountain because the slopes are smaller. Lessons are available for all ages starting with the Dollar KinderCubs for kids as young as two years old. Private lessons are also available. 

Sun Valley’s snow-making ability is well known in the area because of upgrades made to the system a few years ago. They actually hired scientists to come up with advanced snow-making equipment. It’s big business to keep the mountains covered with snow as long as possible. Their newest equipment includes over 500 snow-making guns that can shoot high-quality snow up to 90 feet. 

Lodging and everything else

After a day of skiing, the next stop has to be the Sun Valley Village. It’s like a tiny town with restaurants, a movie theater, bowling alley, and of course, shopping. All amenities are within walking distance. 

The Sun Valley Lodge is also located in the village. It’s was recently renovated to an unbelievable 20,000 square-foot lodging experience. Besides the large hotel rooms, there is now a spa, a steamy outdoor pool, yoga studio, more restaurants, and more shopping. 

If you’re looking for a step above that, you can get the VIP package at the lodge. As a VIP visitor, you can get some neat extras like personalized gift baskets, a fully-stocked mini-fridge, and bedtime cookies and milk. 

If romance is on your mind, there are still more options. Chocolate-covered strawberries and champagne can be delivered. If you really want to impress that special someone, you can request a rose petal turndown for the bed. 

“The mountain is a favorite for high-level skiers with its high peaks and steep drop of 3,400 vertical feet.”

The Sun Valley resort also has a hotel in the village called the Sun Valley Inn. If you’re looking for a smaller, less crowded place to stay, this would be it. For more extended stays at the resort, there are cottages, condos, and townhomes available. 

The basic costs involved would be a one-day lift ticket for $155, and the cheapest room at the Sun Valley Lodge is $489 per night. If you can swing it, Sun Valley is definitely worth a trip in summer or winter. The facilities and skiing are top-notch for the area, and you might even be able to ski with a member of the U.S. Ski Team! 

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