The Book Train

A library on the subway. We’ve seen everything now. The Book Train is a literary-themed public transportation system. It has about 500 distinct paperback and hardcover publications, as well as a range of electronic gadgets containing literature from all around the world. The train is painted to appear like a book, and the doors are painted to look like books!

The library train

It’s on the Gyeongui Line, which runs 124 kilometers in each direction between Seoul and Gyeonggi-do Province. What’s better? Every month, the train organizes educational activities such as book concerts and author discussions. It’s on early in the morning, at midday, and also in the evening!

Mind The Cat

While similar signs are commonly used in the United States to indicate an animal crossing path, they are only used in South Korea to indicate the presence of a cat. Isn’t that strange? Well, there’s a backstory behind it. Goyang-yi, which means “cat,” was created as a strategy for the city of Goyang to stand out from its numerous surrounding communities.

Look out for cats!

It began as a joke, but with a little help from social media, it grew into a successful campaign. Choi Seo-young, an illustrator, set out to create a cartoon character that now has hundreds of thousands of followers across many social media platforms. Cats used to be associated with evil, but that’s no longer the case!

Cafe Au Artistique

South Korea is recognized for its aesthetics, so it’s no surprise that this 2D café made the cut. We had to double-check to be sure it wasn’t simply a sketch. The Greem Café in Seoul is known across the world for its distinctive ambiance. It was inspired by the popular anime series W.

Cafe Greem

“Greem” implies “cartoon” or “painting.” Their menu is quite typical, as is that of any coffee shop. Tourists from around the world come to see them because of their creative heritage. In reality, you can only snap photos once you’ve purchased anything. It’s doing so well that they’ve just expanded to accommodate their growing number of visitors.


Is there a popsicle that won’t spill all over our fingers? Please include us! South Korea is full of little conveniences that address some of life’s most inconvenient difficulties, such as ice cream spilling on your palm. We didn’t know how important this was until we saw it. We’re curious if they ship in bulk to the United States.

Strawberry popsicle shield

Let’s not forget to admire the strawberry slices tucked within the popsicle. They must be doing something well because only 4% of the population is considered fat. That’s a whopping 36% less than the United States! Another reason why South Korea is incredible. Even more striking, their definition of obesity is stricter, with a BMI of 25.

Reading Considerations

The hue of the stoplight is reflected in the streetlights, allowing walkers who are reading or browsing their phones to quickly determine if it is safe to cross. It’s a fantastic concept!

Streetlights on the ground

We can’t tell you how many times we could have used this while we were in college and going down the street with our noses buried in a book. The pathways are also user-friendly, with plenty of area for walkers and cyclists to traverse. So considerate! We’re blown away.

Autumnal Beauty

In the fall, South Korea is the peak of beauty. The hues are like something out of a fairy tale for two weeks, from the end of October to the beginning of November. It’s such a popular draw that entire websites are dedicated to the best places to see autumn foliage and when to see it.

Beautiful autumn leaves

Each mountain top has its own optimum viewing date, and with a little forethought, you might see the greatest from all around the nation, one mountain peak at a time! Starting in the north on October 17th and working your way south, you’ll have completed the adventure of a lifetime by November 7th.

The Power Of The Sun

Solar panels run over the top of this high-tech seat, powering USB and wireless charging outlets for your gadgets. When it comes to solar and wind energy, South Korea has a solid strategy. They should be able to meet over 20% of their electricity demand using non-fossil fuels by 2030. America could definitely learn a thing or two here.

Solar bench

Solar panels are now being installed in over one million residences and on every public building in Seoul. They started the project in 2019 and are well on their way! They’ve already put nearly $3.6 billion on the project. It’s good to know they’re concentrating on renewable and sustainable energy sources!

Doggie TV

Is there anything more relaxing than seeing puppies play? No, according to South Korea! The KTX Train is a station that transmits “soothing broadcasts,” which are five-minute recordings of pups performing puppy things. KTX stands for Korea Train eXpress, and it connects cities to provide inhabitants with quick access across the country.

The cutest puppies

The KTX is a bullet train that can reach speeds of up to 205 miles per hour (330 kph). Construction began in 1992, and it opened to the public in 2004. It has 18 lines, some of which branch out from the main trains, and can take you to most of South Korea’s major cities in a few hours.

The Cutest Coffee

South Korea is famed for its latte art, and this one is rather simple in comparison to some of the more impressive creations found in local cafes. In fact, one café offers iconic art reproductions such as Van Gogh’s Starry Night and Winnie the Pooh, a childhood favorite.

Coffee with a face

At CaFACE Hongdae, you can even get your selfie printed on a cup. For an additional $2.50, they’ll print an on-the-spot selfie on the foam so you can drink your face while sipping your coffee. If you ask us, that’s very clever. Apart from the art, the main question is what that wonderful and drool-worthy chocolate confection in the backdrop is.

A Sea Of Cherry Blossoms

It’s easy to understand why Jeju City, South Korea, is recognized for its cherry tree-lined streets. These lovely trees bloom in the spring with billions of small, fragrant pink blooms, giving the impression of wandering through beautiful clouds of pink. Each year, Jeju provides the first glimpse, even if it is just for a week or two.

Cherry blossoms in bloom

They start blooming here in late March and then spread across the nation in April. On a nearby island, there’s a distinct species called the King Cherry Tree, which has large blossoms but only blooms for two to three days, so you have to be lucky to view them.

Care Packages

Following the examples on this list, it should come as no surprise that South Korea is concerned about its citizens. When they are unwell or have to stay in isolation, they are sent a care box with all of the necessities, including fresh fruits and vegetables high in vitamin C. What a wonderful gesture!

Care packages

When you’re unwell in South Korea, you’re expected to wear a facemask as a politeness to others. Mask use is a technique to keep your dubious germs away from those you take the subway with and work with, much like it is in Japan and China, so that even the common cold does not spread quickly. They’re included in the care box as well.

A Lovely Gazebo

Over 700,000 people live in Ansan, a city in South Korea. Darby Island, a beautiful tourist destination off the shore, lies nearby. This is a resting area where inhabitants may sit and relax for a few moments before moving on. That sounds great, but what’s even better?

Resting area

Every half-kilometer, these rest stops may be found. For people in the United States, that’s every 1/3 miles. Ansan is a collegiate town that is home to Ansan College of Technology, Ansan University, the Seoul Institute of Arts, and the ERICA campus of Hanyang University.

Old Meets New

Many people in South Korea practice Buddhism, and when technology enabled greater buildings to be built in Seoul, they made care to retain the religion’s historic roots in the city square. This is the Jogyesa Temple, which represents the Jogye Order, a Buddhist celibacy group.

A solemn temple

One of the trees is about 500 years old and is designated as a national monument. A Japanese tourist came and planted the tree, which is still alive and well now. A number of stores dedicated to Buddhist clothes and accessories can be found inside the square, where Buddhists and Shamans alike can purchase them.

Simply Beautiful

Outside of Seoul, South Korea is recognized for its breathtaking scenery. There is something for everyone among the roughly 3,000 offshore islands. Definitely visit Ulleung-do, a volcanic island with miles of hiking trails along the Haengnam Seaside Walkway and wonderful eateries serving honghap bap, cooked rice with mussels.

A view over a river

If trekking isn’t your thing, cave spelunking is an option at Hongdo, one of the 1,700 islands that make up the Dadohae Haesang National Park. While you discover this marine park, everything is stained a stunning rust red, and all your pals will be jealous of the Instagram-worthy backdrops.

An Artful Country

This Root Bench was developed by Yong Ju Lee Architecture in 2018. A 30 meter long, fully working art piece. It is considered to depict the contrast between artifice and nature because it is tucked in the grass. It is made out of metal brackets that support wood and was virtually designed before being placed.

The Root Bench

What’s the best part? They remembered everyone. The seats have varying heights so that individuals of all ages may sit on them comfortably without hurting their backs. In reality, most of it is ergonomic, and when you lie down, it may reduce back discomfort. The elevated elements of the structure generate a gentle and comfortable light at night, making it a favorite nighttime visit.

A Winter Wonderland

In South Korea, autumn isn’t the only beautiful season. This shot of a snow-covered shop in the winter seems like something out of a Christmas movie. Snow is prevalent in the north, and it even dusts the south on occasion. You may anticipate about an inch every day from December to February.

Light snow falls around a shop

Despite the fact that Buddhism is the prevalent religion, Christmas is observed here, as it is in many other nations. It’s a national holiday, so people decorate their businesses and homes with lights and put up Christmas trees with gifts below. The end of December is a lovely time to visit if you’re searching for a fantastic time to visit.

Breathtaking Art

The gorgeous facade of Daegu’s Donghwasa Temple is well-known. It is tucked on the south slope of Palgongsan Mountain, 22 kilometers northeast of the city. “The paulownia tree flowers even during the winter season,” the name signifies. It was erected in 493 AD and looks like something out of a fantasy.

Donghwasa Temple

It’s been rebuilt twice since then. The first time was in 830 AD, while the second time was in 1732. Huge sculptures may be found within. The Buddha, who stands between a stone lion and a lotus blossom, is nearly 17 meters tall. If you come, be sure to climb the stairs for a spectacular perspective and a historical tour of the temple’s past.

City Of Light

Those who are fortunate enough to visit this gorgeous park near the Duozone skyscraper in South Korea will be treated to a winter paradise. Gangwon-do is a hilly and wooded province located to the east of Seoul. Aside from the illuminated industrial metropolis, there are a number of must-see tourist sites.

Seoraksan National Park

Nami Island is beautiful, with a glass-like flowing river, and is large enough for a multi-day visit to explore everything it has to offer. Seoraksan National Park, with its tree-covered mountain peaks just cresting gorgeous fog, appears like something out of an elvish film.

Convenient Covers

Talk about giving it some thought. An adjacent building needed to be repainted, and the painters were gracious enough to cover every car in the parking lot to prevent overspray from costing the owners money in repairs. This was really kind of them, but one South Korean city is attempting to eliminate the necessity for driving altogether!

Conscientious car coverings

Above the past 19 years, the International Business District in Songdo, South Korea, has been progressively trying to build a location that prioritizes the use of public transportation, buses, subways, and bicycles over the use of car-ridden highways. They desired an environmentally friendly neighborhood with everything from schools to food stores in close proximity.

Grounds For Your Garden

One tiny bag of coffee grounds at a time, this Starbucks in South Korea is looking forward to helping. Coffee grounds are a fantastic addition to any landscape. You’re in luck if your plants need a nitrogen boost. Coffee grounds are high in nutrients that your plants will appreciate, and adding them to your soil has several other advantages!

Complimentary coffee grounds

They not only help retain water and aerate your soil, but they also promote drainage. When added to compost, they provide bacteria that aid in the breakdown of other materials, resulting in a rich output that will ensure your garden produces plenty of nutritious veggies. Isn’t it possible that this may become a global business venture?

The Lazy Way

In South Korea, this not-so-subtle warning that escalators are sluggish is standard practice. Luckily, even though the escalator is the preferred mode of transportation, South Korea has a low obesity rate. In addition, their BMI criterion is five points lower than America’s. Only 4% of the adult population in South Korea is obese.

Encouraging people to use the stairs

A BMI of 25 or higher qualifies them as obese. Obesity affects 40% of persons in the United States, with a BMI of 30 or greater. Some of it is due to heredity, but most of it is due to the food they eat and their way of life. Kimchi is a popular side dish that is offered with almost every meal.

The Most Important Paper

You can tell the difference between your toilet paper options when shopping in South Korea. It may appear to be a little detail, but it would surely make shopping in the United States more convenient. You never know how my toilet paper will handle until you get it home and put it in the holder, and it might be a letdown to get one that isn’t soft.

Many brands of toilet paper

The sheer number of options is really astounding. Do they do the same thing with paper towels? Wouldn’t a full-fledged absorbency test be incredible? You’d be able to distinguish which paper towels were effective and which were not. It may even assist in holding businesses accountable for their advertising.

Funky Buildings

This approximately 400-foot towering 24-story architectural marvel is located in Seoul. It took three years to construct and was designed by ArchitectenConsort. The wave-like form contrasts with the utilitarian architecture of the neighboring buildings, which was influenced by Korean ceramics.

Seocho Garak Tower East

At night, the entire structure is illuminated by LEDs, generating stunning and creative visuals. Seocho Garak Tower East is a multi-story structure that houses a variety of industries, including insurance firms and banks. While the inside isn’t a popular tourist destination, the outside has a following, and prints of images of the spectacular structure are available online.


While not all stores do so, many do provide a cake cutter with matches inside so you may light your candles. When you pick up your cake, they even give you complimentary candles! On so many levels, this is brilliant. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve picked up the cake and forgotten the lighter.

Cake cutter multitool

This is one of those small conveniences that makes a big impact right now. America should take notice and follow suit. We, too, are deserving of these joyous times! The cake cutter isn’t always available in our supermarkets, and we’ve never seen one that includes matches or candles without charging an extra $5.

Self-Cleaning Streets

Such a simple concept may save a lot of time and effort. This roadway is connected to a water supply that rinses the road for a safe drive, rather than the monstrous street cleaning equipment that emits loads of pollutants into the air. This isn’t the only improvement they’re working on.

Automatic street cleaners

They’re also developing roadways with solar-powered lighting and a heating element to melt snow and ice in the winter. They’re dubbed “smart roads,” and they’re one step closer to a dust-free and pollution-free world. In 2013, they spent years cleaning the roads, and this concept sprang from that difficult labor.

Personalization In All Things

Healthy eating habits begin with having fun with food, and what could be more fun than putting a banana in a bag and making funny faces with it? You may even include quotation bubbles in your design. BanaValley has even more brilliant ideas. They’ve figured out how to get rid of the nasty bananas!

Fun stickers

Bananas spoil rapidly, so buying six of them at the same level of maturity is a waste of money. For the most part, though, it is just the norm. BanaValley, on the other hand, has the answer. They offer sets of bananas at various stages of maturity, so you can eat one every day and none of them will go bad. They’re on their way to resolving the problem of food waste!

Cherry Blossom Coca-Cola

Some of you have undoubtedly made cherry blossom art with the bottom of a plastic coke bottle (if not, dip it in pink paint and stamp it on paper!) How many of you have tried a Cherry Blossom Coke, though? The Sakura Limited was a limited-edition design released in 2020, and empty bottles may fetch up to $13 on eBay.

Cherry blossom Coca-Cola

Because South Korea is famed for its Cherry Blossom trees, it’s only natural that they would create a limited edition. It originated in Japan, and South Korea received a shipment to commemorate the lovely time of year when couples and families relax beneath the trees and share a picnic in the fresh spring air from late March to early April.

Tour Droid

While most of the rest of the world laughs about robots taking over the globe, South Korea is one step ahead of the game. These AIR STAR robots can be found throughout Incheon Airport, assisting passengers with directions, checking boarding schedules, finding baggage claims, and much more!

Friendly robot

They were first presented in 2018 and are complete tour guides. They’ll not only tell you where to go, but they’ll also drive you there. Even nicer, they’re programmed to go at a pedestrian’s pace, but if they find themselves moving too quickly, they’ll slow down and wait for you!

Doors Galore

Choi Jeong-Hwa was a mission-driven artist. He couldn’t draw and couldn’t paint, but he liked art and walking. What is his life’s purpose? To transform into a regular person who thinks like an artist. He began collecting doors and eventually decided to make a symbolic art piece out of them.

A building of doors

What’s the end result? Installation of 1000 Doors in Seoul, South Korea. Each door is unique, yet they’re all made from recycled materials. In 2009, it was built. Since then, he’s created Air Air, a double pyramid of huge straws, Life Life, a giant hodgepodge of a twisting blimp structure, and Hubble Bubble, a ceiling-hung colander connected together and painted green.

There Is Superstition

Superstitions exist in many societies, and South Korea is no exception. Because the number 4 sounds like “death,” their elevators and buildings are designated with an “F” rather than a “4”. This is similar to the hate of the number 13 in the United States, albeit we bypass it and go right from twelve to fourteen.

Fourth floor = F?

China, like South Korea, has a habit of skipping the number four. Japan and Taiwan are two other countries that think it’s a bad omen. The number 9 is likewise regarded as unappealing in Japan, hence the price of $9.99 is never used there. It would imply that the customer will suffer. 666, on the other hand, is said to be “calming” and is often spotted above people’s entrances to bring good luck!

South Korea Cares

South Korea does not mess around when it comes to the health of its citizens. They’ve gone through enough to understand what it’s like to be alone, and they take it seriously. They also understand how difficult it might be, so they send out care packages to people who are unwell at home! They’ve got you covered on everything from tissues to drink to meals.

Country-sponsored care packages

The sort of package you receive is determined by where you reside and how long you plan to be at home, but they try their best to meet your most basic requirements and then some. I’m always blown away by how many ready-to-eat meals they have available. Everything is simple and quick to cook, from tea to noodles!

My Neighbor Totoro

My Neighbor Totoro is a famous animated fantasy film produced by the Japanese animation studio Studio Ghibli and released in 1988. Even today, people pay respect to this renowned figure by recreating him. The narrative follows two sisters who have relocated to the countryside in order for their mother to receive treatment at a nearby hospital for an ailment.


They encounter numerous spirits, both mischievous and benign while settling into their new home, but Totoro stands out and becomes one of their closest friends. The film was beloved and earned several prizes, including the Kinema Junpo Award for 1988 and the Blue Ribbon Festival’s Special Award.

Creepy Towers

It should come as no surprise that South Korea has some ominous-looking structures. They do, after all, have everything. Sauron’s Tower, the Lord of the Rings Tower, the Dark Tower (or Barad-dûr), and other titles have been given to this structure. Of course, inquisitive visitors and LOTR aficionados have given it all of these titles.

A scary tower

It’s a 123-story skyscraper in Seoul with the official name Lotte World Tower. It is the world’s fifth-highest structure and the tallest structure in South Korea. When the weather is bright and there isn’t any fog, it doesn’t appear nearly as gloomy, but it still looks scary owing to its height (and shape).

Ramen On-Demand

Yes, this is a Ramen dispenser that runs on its own. Ramen is a cultural mainstay in South Korea, as well as one of the most popular dinner options, therefore it’s only natural that there would be automated Ramen dispensers. Ramen is a popular go-to cuisine in Korea, much like it is in the United States since it is inexpensive, easy to prepare, and most importantly, excellent.

Ramen vending machine

Ramen in distinctive, regional tastes, such as Kimchi Ramen, are available. We can think of a few folks in the United States who would welcome anything like this, notably college students who devour dangerous amounts of Ramen and quick noodles. Is it possible to blame them? It’s inexpensive, simple to prepare, and delicious!

Seasons Of Splendor

To highlight the shifting hues of the seasons, this Reddit user shot four photos in the same place in South Korea, one for each season. The lovely red and orange colors of the fall, the pink tones of the cherry blossoms in the spring, the delicious green of summer, and the leafless trees in the winter are all visible.

A park year-round

Which one is your favorite? It looks like a lovely spot to visit at any time of year. We can’t decide whether to go with spring or fall! It’s also incredible to believe they have seasons; in certain parts of the world, you only have summer or winter – no in-between – yet in South Korea, spring and fall appear to be the most magnificent seasons of the year.

Mind-Blowing Architecture

Incheon, South Korea’s Club Chroma is a popular bar. The interior is stunning, with multicolored lighting and ballroom ceilings, and there is outdoor seating in the rear where you can relax and enjoy a few drinks away from the music. Images are frequently projected onto the metallic surface of the face.

Club Chroma

MVRDV, a well-known architecture firm, created it as a representation of the melting sun. The inside, on the other hand, looks futuristic and was designed by award-winning designer Josh Held, who is recognized for his creative inventiveness. The stage has a flex design that allows it to be changed to meet the evening’s events.

More Dog TV

South Korea is a great place to visit if you’re traveling with your dog. During your stay, the hotels provide a TV station that is specifically designed to keep your dog entertained. It’s been on the market since 2013. This isn’t your typical television station, though. Dogs can only see certain hues, thus each program is created to exclude red and green as much as possible, giving your pup the finest viewing experience imaginable!

Programming for your dog

In Korean culture, cats have traditionally been seen as wicked creatures, but this is progressively changing. Families are three times more likely to possess a dog than feline companions, as seen by the dog vs cat pet demography. South Korean families are home to almost six million dogs and slightly under two million cats.

They Value Books

It’s also the most magnificent library we’ve ever seen. Starfield Library is in Seoul, South Korea. It’s a two-story shopping center with floor-to-ceiling bookcases and event areas. It offers print books by both domestic and international writers, as well as over 600 magazine titles and iPads loaded with e-books! Starfield Library also holds author lectures on a regular basis.

Starfield Library

Poetry slams, book concerts, and lectures are all held on a regular basis. It’s open every day from 10:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., and anyone is invited to come in and relax while reading a book. Samseong Station, Bongeunsa Station, and Cheongdam Station are the three subway lines that may take you there.

The Art Of Buddhism

The Daegagsa Buddhist Temple is located in Seoul, South Korea. It was created in 1911 by Yongseong Seunim and is located near the Changdeokgung Palace. Seunim is well-known for his militant activity in modern Buddhism, which includes working with the March 1st Movement and bringing the practice into the twentieth century.

The Daegagsa Buddhist Temple

This temple began as a little hanok, or traditional Korean dwelling, in 1911, but it was renovated into the three-story temple with bell towers that you see today in 1986. Three different subway lines connect to the Jongno 3(sam)-ga Station, where you may leave. It’s only a short distance away. It is surrounded by modern companies, despite the fact that this snapshot does not depict it.

You’re Never Too Old To Learn

The birth rate in South Korea has been steadily declining. The rate used to be six children per reproductive woman in the 1960s, but now it’s less than one. Taiwan has held the record for the previous few years. As a result, there are thousands of schools with teachers but few students.

Bringing in an older crowd

Rather than shutting schools, the government implemented a scheme that allowed elderly men and women to attend classes alongside children. Because there were no first-graders enrolled for the year at one of these schools, illiterate grandparents were given access to read and write. It’s a fantastic solution! Knowledge is a powerful tool.

On Top Of Old Smokey

Daedunsan is a mountain range in South Korea with slightly more than a thousand peaks covered with trees such as pine, oak, and Korean plum-yem. It is a must-see tourist destination and natural wonder of the world. Autumn vistas are especially spectacular in October and early November, leaving visitors speechless.

A tree in Daedunsan

For inexperienced hikers, the trip might be challenging, however, there are several rest breaks along the way. There’s also a stunning bridge that spans two peaks! This mountain range, with an elevation of 2,881 feet, is found in Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea’s most western province. Make sure your camera is charged and has enough memory; you’ll need it!

Airport Maps

It’s such a basic thing, yet it’s something we’ve never seen before. What about that gorgeous map? In an airport, it would save everyone a lot of time and confusion. Seoul genuinely cares about its visitors’ well-being. When you’re in a hurry, the step-by-step chart on the back of every boarding pass is fantastic.

Convenient airport map

Incheon International Airport and Gimpo International Airport are the two international airports in Seoul. Each one has a terminal with many food and retail options, as well as convenient access to fantastic hotel rooms if you have a stopover. Although the IIA is technically located outside of the city, you can always ride the Limousine City Bus!

Rainbow Snacks

There’s just something about this snack aisle that makes us happy. It’s just so appealing to the eye! They were able to include every color of the rainbow in one show. You might even recognize a couple of the offered brands if you look closely. Cheetos, SunChips, and Funyuns are among the snacks on display.

A wide assortment of snacks

South Korean grocery stores are meticulously designed to make shopping as relaxing and pleasant as possible. They even have HomePlus, Costco, E-Mart, and Lotte, which are all big-box retailers. Locals, on the other hand, claim that locating the smaller shops would save you a lot of money while still providing the freshest fruits and vegetables.

Stunning Views

This tree may be found in the province of Jeolla. It’s dubbed the Master Oogway Tree in honor of the Kung Fu Panda character, and it’s difficult to locate. The photographer spent more than two hours trekking through a Rocky Mountainside to capture the exact viewpoint of this lovely pine.

Bonsai tree

It reminds us of the beautiful bonsais you can grow at home, however, the mountains in the distance demonstrate that it’s much larger. If you get the opportunity to visit Jeolla Province, bring your hiking boots and the greatest camera you can find!

Pump It Up!

Toothpaste dispensers that dispense just the right quantity onto your toothbrush? Please, yes! We’d never considered how inconvenient our toothpaste application is before today, but now that we’ve seen an alternative, it’s evident. The tubes we use in America are extremely inefficient and difficult to use for both children and adults.

Toothpaste in pumps

The way our toothpaste is built is so wasteful, and owing to the pressure required to squeeze the tube, very few individuals use the prescribed quantity. This completely addresses the problem and allows you to extract every last drop from the container!

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Gyeongbokgung Palace, often known as the Prince’s Palace, is a palace in Seoul, South Korea. It was constructed in 1395 as the Joseon Dynasty’s palace. It is the largest of five palaces erected during the period. Unfortunately, the original construction was burned down in the 1500s, but the 7,000+ rooms were completely restored in the 19th century.

Gyeongbokgung Palace

It was damaged once again in the twentieth century, and restoration works are continuing to restore it to its former beauty. It is available to tourists every day from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., except Tuesdays. Please go if you have the opportunity. It’s incredibly gorgeous, and it’s jam-packed with millennia of history.

Clean Win Escalators

South Korea maintains its inhabitants healthy in a variety of ways, including self-cleaning escalators. Germs are simple to spread, and any effort helps! These devices are known as Clear Win units, and they were created by a father who wanted to ensure that his daughter was safe when out and about.

Clean Win escalator

She was afraid to grab the railing when she was 13 because she was afraid of being ill. She ended up falling and harming herself. Years later, her father embarked on a battle to ensure that escalators are safe for all users. Kyeong Yeon and his cousin Kim Yoo Cheol put their plan into action in 2019, and they can now be found in most major public spaces.

Karaoke On The Train

We discussed the KTX rail line before. It’s not a simple journey to your destination. Cafés, video games, stores, and even single-person karaoke are all available. In Korea, karaoke is a popular activity, so it makes sense to spend a few hours driving throughout the nation singing your heart out where no one can hear you.

Karaoke train car

If you’ve ever seen any Korean dramas on television, you’ll notice that they all feature the noraebang. These karaoke stations are known as that. You’ll be hard-pressed to locate a city without a plethora of entertainment venues dedicated to this pastime! It has been a main source of entertainment since 1991.