There’s plenty to do at this Colorado Springs attraction

Quick notes:

  • Pick the top spots. There are 21 miles of hiking trails to choose from.

  • Don’t miss the Perkins Central Garden Tour.

  • Determine how you’re going to visit them. There are lots of options.

You’ve heard about Garden of the Gods. How this spectacular park, with red rock formations and 21 miles of fascinating hikes, sits at the base of Pike’s Peak and is one of the more stunning experiences in the Rocky Mountains.

If you’re planning a trip there, there is so much to do that you might not know where to start. Here’s an overview of everything to see and do for your visit. The details include iconic sights and off the beaten track areas that only locals know about.

Balanced Rock

One of the first, and possibly easiest, things you’ll want to see is balanced rock. Just as the name sounds, it is a 700-ton boulder that is unbelievably perched and balanced on a tiny space. It easily one of the most iconic things you’ll encounter on your visit.

Accessible by road and by hiking, the rock is spectacular enough on its own. However, if you are up for walking just a bit further, you’ll see other balanced rock formations as well, in a scene that is perfect for picture taking.

While you’re there, be sure to appreciate what you’re seeing to its fullest extent. Nature hasn’t designed this beautiful formation to last forever. A similar, though less beautiful formation previously balanced over a nearby cliff until stones that were thrown next to it widened its crevice with every year’s freeze and thaw. Eventually, that boulder became unbalanced and fell down. It is expected that this natural sculpture is destined for the same fate.

Siamese Twins


The Siamese Twins overlook is one of the most well-known and visited spots in the park. With beautiful red sandstone in the foreground and perfectly framed mountain views in the distance, it encapsulates this park’s appeal. Like all of the most visited spots in the park, this display gets crowded. If you go early or late in the day, you’re more likely to have the area to yourself.

Consider the easy, accessible, Perkins Central Garden Tour

This easy, 1.5-mile tour is a great introduction to the park or a nice way to add in “just one more thing” at the end of a day full of other activities. While the tour may not challenge everyone, it is worth it for just about everyone. That’s because it offers a solid overview of the kinds of things the park has to offer. It is also a great spot for viewing wildlife or brushing up on your photography skills.

Ways to get around

The way that you choose to get around in the park is part of your adventure. Multiple tour companies are available to help you see the park from whatever vantage point you’d prefer.

Now that you have an idea of what you’d like to see, it is worthwhile to consider how you’d want to see it. There are multiple options available and licensed, experienced tour operators that are just waiting to show you a park adventure.

Consider if you want to see the sights on foot or by horseback, bike, or Jeep. Also, consider if you want to experiment with Rock climbing and maybe go a little bit higher. Everything is an option and, if you have time, multiple modes of transportation can give you alternate views of the park. You’ll wind up with a well-rounded experience for sure!

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