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Everything you should know before renting your first RV

Quick Notes

-Renting an RV can be a fun and affordable way to travel.

-Important: Do a walk-through and a test drive before you leave the lot.

-Know your audience – or in this case –ideal RV travel buddies.

-Planning stops in advance can you save you cash on the road.

Renting an RV for a trip can be an unforgettable way to travel. It offers the feeling of every great road trip with more of the comforts and conveniences than you can fit into a car. When done right, it can also be an affordable option for a group! Here are some things you should know and consider before renting your first RV.

Planning your trip

You might not know exactly where you’re headed on every trip taken in an RV, but having a general idea will help you choose which type to get for your RV rental. Different considerations might span from how many beds you need, to how much you’re willing to spend on an RV. On a longer trip you might want to save a bit of money, while a weekend trip you might prefer to get as many luxuries as possible.

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Deciding who to invite

Many RV’s have plenty of space for a group of people, but not everyone is cut out for spending long hours in smaller spaces. (Regardless of age.) Make sure your fellow travelers are aware of how long your travel days are intended to be, so they can be sure that they’re up for RV rental adventure.

Tour an RV before you commit

Make sure everyone fits.

You’ll want to tour some RV’s in person before you commit to renting one. Just because an RV can technically sleep a certain amount of people does not mean that it will live up to your idea of what that means. Perhaps an RV that sleeps six really only sleeps four of your group comfortably.

Test drive the RV

In addition to taking a tour of the RV, you’ll also want to give it a test drive! Driving an RV is a different experience than driving a car, so you’ll want to make sure you feel comfortable and confident before you get out on the road. Be sure and ask any questions you might have before you take the RV off the lot to ensure that you have the smoothest experience possible.

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Be aware of extra costs

In addition to the sticker fee price of renting an RV, there will also be additional fees to consider such as a deposit and insurance. In addition to that, you’ll want to decide if you should be paying for things like propane or a generator through the RV company or at a campground itself. While it adds to the upfront costs, sometimes it’s cheaper to get these things at the time that you rent the RV.

Plan out your gas stops

Driving an RV is going to cost you in the gas department, but there are things that you can do to cut down on costs. When possible, try planning your gas stops in advance so that you can grab gas at stations a little ways off the freeway. They tend to be cheaper than those that are directly on the path that many travelers are taking. The price difference might seem minimal, but it can end up saving you a lot over the course of a trip.

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Research any campgrounds you might stay at

There’s a lot to know about campgrounds before you decide where to stay. For one thing, the cost is always a consideration, and you’ll want to find out if there any extra fees for RVs that don’t apply to tent campers. You’ll also, of course, want to know about the amenities and activities in and around the campground. It’s a good idea to consider if you’ll be traveling locally outside of the campground. As the RV will be parked at that point, you might want to bring bikes or look into public transportation and factor in any added costs.

All in all, traveling in an RV can be an incredibly fun way to experience a vacation with friends or family. Above all else – have fun!

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