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Do you have just one day in the park? No problem. Here’s what to do.

Knott’s Berry Farm is a fantastic park with a great size and scope that offers plenty to see and do. However, sometimes you might find that you’ve got less time than you’d like to enjoy your time there. If you find that’s the case, and you have just a single day to visit, don’t worry. We’ve got some strategies that allow you to have a great time and catch all the park’s best features.

Pay attention to when you go

One of the best strategies for getting the most out of the park is to plan your visit in a time when there aren’t a lot of other people there. If you can, try to visit during the middle of the week when people will be less likely to try to attach their visit to a long weekend. Also if you’re visiting with young, pre-school aged kids,  try to avoid school vacations or holiday days off.

Even if you manage to not have to deal with too many time-consuming park lines, there’s still so much to do to see everything.  The best bet is to make a plan so that you can be sure you get to see the highlights you don’t want to miss. Each plan will be different — with young kids wanting to see some areas and older kids gravitating to the parts of the park where the action is.

Thrill rides make for a memorable visit

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If you have older kids who are into excitement, they’re going to want to see some of the park’s thrill rides. On the top of the list of can’t miss excursions is Ghost Rider, the longest and fastest wooden roller coaster on the West Coast. A second thrill ride that’s a favorite of adrenaline junkies is the Supreme Scream, a ride that, within the span of a quick three seconds, takes park-goers straight up to 252 feet and then back down again. The change is so quick that riders experience weightlessness.

Rides for all ages and historically-themed attractions

If your family or group has younger kids, they may want something they can enjoy that is less exciting than those that leave a rider’s heart in their throat. At the same time, they probably still want to find some excitement. At Knott’s Berry Farm, there are some rides that fit the bill. Start with a trip on Calico River Rapids, a water ride that has just gone through a major renovation that includes new animatronics and water effects riders love.

There are plenty of can’t-miss family rides at the park that are historically-themed, paying homage to the days of the 19th Century gold-rush.

Other can’t-miss family rides at the park are historically-themed, paying homage to the days of the 19th Century gold-rush. These include the underground Calico Mine Ride, a great example of what theme parks call a “dark ride” where park-goers move through dimly lit areas to experience what it may have been like to view an old-west working gold mine. Another attraction that many visitors want to check out is the Butterfield Stage Coach, a unique opportunity to experience what it may have been like to use this mode of transportation in the Old West.

Is it a hot day? Head to the water park.

In the Soak City section of the park, Knott’s Berry Farm offers welcome relief from the heat. These waterslides, pools, and water rides provide plenty of excitement without being scary. There are also plenty of opportunities for parents to sit back and rest their tired feet while the kids enjoy themselves.

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