Because who wants to stay somewhere normal?

Quick notes

  • Stay in an underground cave overlooking New Mexico’s La Plata River Valley
  • Sleep in the trees at Out n’ About Treehouse Treesort
  • Visit a B&B where ghosts abound
  • Take a trip to the past in a B&B modeled after Medieval castles

At a certain point, all B&Bs start to blur together. Let’s face it, we see the same white towels, the same eggs and biscuits for breakfasts, the same books and board games over and over and over again. Where’s the novelty?

It’s time to switch things up and find accommodation that is the attraction itself. Take a look at these five surprising Bed & Breakfasts.

Out n’ About Treehouse Treesort


Ever wanted to spend the night in a treehouse? At this famous Treehouse Treesort in Southern Oregon, you can! You will truly feel like a kid again, sleeping in beds from between 8 and 40 feet above the ground. Could it get any more magical than that?

Apparently, it can. Not only will you experience treetop living, but you can go hiking, swimming, horseback riding, and ziplining, too. Bring the whole family for an unforgettable experience, and cook some marshmallows over the campfire at night!

Kokopelli’s Cave

“This B&B is a MUST see!! This property is carved into a mountain and is actually the size of an average house inside.” –TripAdvisor Reviewer

After sleeping high up in the air, it’s time to go the other direction and try sleeping in an underground cave.

Kokopelli’s Cave, located in Farmington, New Mexico, is an underground Bed & Breakfast built into the sandstone cliffs of the Ojo Alamo. To reach the front door, you must descend a path down the face of the cliff, where the interior rests a deep seventy feet below the surface.

From the cave’s entrance, visitors will get an unparalleled view over La Plata River Valley. You won’t have to skimp on amenities, either; enjoy a waterfall shower and jacuzzi, fireplace, washer & dryer, oven, microwave, and more! Get away from it all — or should we say under it all — at Kokopelli’s Cave.

Ancient City Inn, St. Augustine, Florida

“On the recording as one of the team was asking for any spirits to make their presence known, a lady with a Southern drawl cut in and said, ‘Git outa here, dad burn it!’” – From the Ancient City Inn website

If you’re interested in the paranormal or would like some spiritual counseling, book a night at the Ancient City Inn in St. Augustine, Florida. This 1910 Victorian home is claimed by owners to be “pleasantly haunted”. That’s right, your hosts will tell you all about Mr. Charles and Mrs. Maude Sequi, along with their only daughter Martha Lee, who were the original occupants of the house (and don’t plan on leaving).

Martha Lee is often heard speaking by guests, and strange things happen like paintings getting flipped around, objects changing place or even appearances of the ghost family themselves.

With all of this paranormal activity, it’s no surprise that owner Carri is a self-proclaimed spiritual medium. Psychic readings, aura photos, and other services are available to guests as a result. All of this excitement comes in one bright purple home, quaintly furnished, with welcoming hosts (both living and otherwise!)

Ravenwood Castle

“This is the kind of place that my seventeen-year-old self would have loved to hole up in for a weekend and do nothing but play Dungeons & Dragons. And that definitely is an option.” –Yelp Reviewer

Looking to go even further into the past? At Ravenwood Castle in New Plymouth, Ohio, you can go all the way back to the Middle Ages.

Modeled after 12th and 13th-century castles, Ravenwood is a fortress where modern luxuries like internet and cell service are sparse to non-existent. Instead, guests are encouraged to peruse their selection of 150+ board games, play with the outdoor life-size chess game, or participate in one of the many murder mystery events. Oh, and don’t forget the miles of hiking trails that surround this remote, tree-encompassed B&B.

At the end of a long day gaming and exploring, you can grab a pint at the onsite pub. All without straying too far from your sleeping quarters!

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and try a new lodging experience. You never know what new memories you might create. With these five Bed & Breakfast options, you’ll never want to go back to the ordinary again.

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