These Vloggers share their passion for exploring and great travel tips

If you’re the kind of person that is inspired by travel and exploration and is constantly planning for your next trip, you probably get a lot out of watching travel vloggers. They’re creative, passionate, and a lot of times they consider doing things that you haven’t yet thought of. Or they have the perfect tip to make being in a foreign country easier.

As with everything else, some travel YouTubers are better than others. Below is a list of some of the most helpful, most interesting, and most viewed vloggers on YouTube. Once you’ve gone through our list, check them out and see what you think. Maybe one of them will share something that will make your next adventure better.

Stunningly offbeat adventures

If you’re looking to be inspired to experience extraordinary (as in not just good travel, but the opposite of ordinary) check out YouTuber Mike Corey’s Fearless and Far. Corey shows you a range of experiences you won’t find in many (or any) formally published travel guides. The show is all the more fascinating for it.

The first video viewers will see highlights of the exploding hammer festival in Mexico. It is exactly as it sounds. People pound a hammer and it blows up. As you’ll see below, it is spectacular.

In addition to focusing on unusual festivals, Corey also visits abandoned places, weird underwater dive sites, cultural anomalies, and other sites that are an adrenaline junkies dream. As expected, he’s also not afraid to try out some extremely unusual foods. This channel is top-notch, exciting travel entertainment.

Traveling couples: Sailing LaVagabonde & Dave and Deb

There are a lot of couples that want to share their travel adventures together. These two couples show the rest of the world how it can be done. Watching them allows viewers to see that it is possible, even if it isn’t always easy.

Sailing LaVagabonde features an Australian couple, Eleyna and Rile. They set out together on a sailboat to travel without any experience and they’re making it work while showing the world what they do with weekly downloads that happen on Mondays. Since starting the show, the couple has had a child and transitioned into parenthood. Their new roles are fitting nicely into the show’s framework. That might not be something you want to work into your own trip, but it makes for great YouTube viewing.

Married for more than twenty years, Dave and Deb have traveled to over 100 countries together and their vlog, called The Planet D has earned them a place as one of Forbes Magazine’s top travel influencers.

Dave and Deb set out to have unique adventures and show that travelers don’t have to be rich, young, or spectacularly fit to make the most out of traveling.

Family travel vloggers

Some travelers choose the ultimate adventure – bringing their entire families along regardless of ages. Jessica and Garrett started their adventure in 2015 and now are continuing to travel with their three children. Their adventures show how beautiful, exciting, and educational family travel can be — providing experiences that just aren’t possible when you’re stationary. Get a sense of just what they believe is possible by watching this video of their five-year-old diving with sharks:

Their website, called The Bucket List Family, also features plenty of family travel tips and products that make life easier when everyone’s on the road.

Keeping travel real

Sure, most of the travel vlogs out there are going to keep things as positively as possible. While everyone knows that plenty of things can go wrong once you start a trip, most online travelers are going to keep that to themselves. Fortunately, some sites aren’t afraid to show what can go wrong, a revelation that is surprisingly helpful.

Travel YouTubers Mark and Jocelyn Wolters regularly produce Wolters World, a website and a series of regularly produced videos that show what traveling can really be like for themselves and their two children. It’s not always easy. They don’t hold back with their commentary on the places they visit, regularly hosting Love/Hate articles on places that they’ve been to. Their hope is that their fans can learn from their experiences, making good trips even better.

Inspiring other travelers

With millions of subscribers, British Travel enthusiast Louis Cole is known as much for his wild dreadlocks as he is for his passion for exploring new locations. Part of the reason for his popularity is the beautiful, interesting, and informative content, but it doesn’t hurt that he uploads his videos daily. The videos and his website, Fun for Louis, mix a variety of content types that range from adventures like dogsledding and exploring, to practical tips like dining options and tips for travel supply purchases.

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