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Tackle “The Point” like a pro with these insider tips

Quick notes

  • Planning your trip – What gear to bring, what to leave at home and answering the age-old question…do I pack snacks?
  • Navigating the park – Get early access to the park, avoid the longest lines and know the best spots for mid-day R&R
  • Spending the weekend – You’ve come all this way, maybe stay for a while. What to do and see in and around Sandusky, OH

Getting to Cedar Point is a big deal, and not simply because of its record-breaking roller coasters. With the closest major metropolises, Cleveland and Toledo, more than an hour away by car, most visitors take a full day, if not weekend, to experience the park.

In 2020, Cedar Point will be an even bigger deal as the park celebrates its 150th anniversary. This is the perfect time for first-timers to make the trip. Are you a Cedar Point first-timer? Never fear. Follow these tips for a much smoother trip, so you can make the most of every moment at America’s Rock and Roller Coast.

Planning your visit

“Getting to Cedar Point is a big deal.”

Get the season pass, even if you’ll only go once. While $99 might seem like a lot, the 2020 Gold Pass pays for itself pretty quickly once you add the free parking (normally $20), dining discounts and access to the water park, Cedar Point Shores.

Other perks include unlimited visits to any Cedar Fair park, early access to the park and, occasionally, the opportunity to stay an extra hour after the park closes.

Hold off on the fast pass. Considering a fast pass? Wait until you get to the park. Some days have fast past lines longer than the normal line. On other days, there are too few crowds to warrant a fast pass. Either way, you’ll regret purchasing one when you didn’t need to.

What to bring

Pack snacks you can munch on-the-go. In order to make the most of your time at Cedar Point, you’ll want to avoid waiting in line (or waiting on friends waiting in line) for food. Instead, agree as a group beforehand when you’ll stop for a bigger meal and bring snacks to tide everyone over until then.

Wear a zip pouch under your clothing. Make fanny packs great again. If you’d prefer not to leave valuable items like your driver’s license, credit cards or designer sunglasses in an open, vulnerable cubby while you ride certain coasters, a small pouch or fanny pack to wear under your clothing will keep those items safe and secure.

Cedar Point

At the park

Get early entry.If you drive in on Friday night and stay at one of the park hotels, or you purchase a season pass, you’ll have access to the park one hour before everyone else. This allows your group extra time to hit-up popular rides like Top Thrill Dragster, Gatekeeper, or Millennium Force before lines get out of control.

Regardless of when you enter the park, it’s always best to start at the back earlier in the day, when lines for rides like Steel Vengeance and Valravn are at their most manageable. Not big on cardio? Take the sky ride to skip the walk and enjoy the view from above!

Time management

Lines for Cedar Point’s popular coasters are always going to be long, but they’re longest in the middle of the day when the park is busiest. Time your top thrills for morning and evening, and make time in the afternoon for food, rest, and rides with smaller lines, such as Magnum XL 2000, Power Tower, or WindSeeker.

Did you know Cedar Point park has a mile-long beach on the shores of Lake Erie? It’s the perfect place to stop for a power nap or to literally cool your heels in the waves. 

“Regardless of when you enter the park, it’s always best to start at the back earlier in the day.”

Spending the weekend

Sundays are almost always less crowded than Saturdays. Spending the weekend in the area? Consider making Sunday your big day for rides. Smaller crowds mean you get more done in less time, and can still drive home at a reasonable hour. 

You’re here, so you might as well have a look around. When not at the park, there’s plenty to do and see in Sandusky. Try a round of golf at Cedar Fair-owned Sawmill Creek Resort, take the Jet Express ferry to explore Put-in-Bay or Kelleys Island, or head to Ohio’s second-oldest winery, Mon Ami, and sip away the afternoon in nearby Port Clinton. 

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