Here are some ideas for things to do in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh isn’t at the top of the list for vacation destinations, but if you wind up in this western Pennsylvania city, there’s actually plenty to see and do. Though most people don’t realize it, there’s lots of U.S. history to learn about, sports activities, and food/drink destinations to enjoy. Here are the details.

Pittsburgh’s history and Andrew Carnegie

Pittsburgh has earned a key place in U.S. history for its role as a steel manufacturing center during the industrial boom and gilded age of the early 1900s. In fact, the country wouldn’t be where it is today without this city which provided the materials for railroad tracks, large machines, other vehicles, skyscraper development and more. There are museums worth visiting which explain and interpret this history.

Integral to the history of this city is the legendary businessman and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie. After growing up in nearby Allegany, Pennsylvania, he co-founded his first steel business in the 1870s eventually growing it into the conglomerate, Carnegie Steel Company. Eventually, he sold his company to John Pierpont Morgan and devoted the remainder of his life to philanthropy. The effects of this philanthropy can be seen throughout the city and provides many interesting places for tourists to visit.

Cultural sites to visit throughout Pittsburgh

The City of Pittsburgh is also home to a number of other cultural experiences. If you visit during the right time of year, you may catch a performance by the Pittsburgh Opera, for example.

Thanks, in part, to Andrew Carnegie, there is no shortage of things to do in Pittsburgh. The city’s sets of Carnegie Museums attract more than a million people each year. They include a museum of modern art, the Andy Warhol Museum (Warhol himself was from Pittsburgh), and a Science and Cultural Center. They also include a world-class Museum of Natural History, which benefits from the fact that Carnegie was a passionate collector of dinosaur fossils that were unearthed and preserved from areas in the Western United States.

These artifacts are on display not only in Pittsburgh but at the Museum of Natural History in New York City.

The City of Pittsburgh is also home to a number of other cultural experiences. If you visit during the right time of year, you may catch a performance by the Pittsburgh Opera and the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust promotes a series of well-known broadway shows to town for visitors to enjoy at theaters throughout the city. The historic downtown area also includes its share of art galleries and shops.

Pittsburgh sports

Pittsburgh takes its sports as seriously as any other major U.S. city. Sports have been played in the city as far back as the mid-19th century during the American Civil War, and the city hosted the first professional football game in NFL history.


Today, Pittsburgh boasts three professional level sports teams: the football team, the Steelers, the baseball team the Pirates, and the hockey team the  Penguins. In addition, there are any number of college sports at the area’s major universities including an NCAA division-winning basketball team. However, if you’d rather participate in sports than watch them, Pittsburgh’s place on the water makes offers lots of opportunities for a variety of action-packed experiences.

Dining and lodging options

As with any major metropolitan area, there are a number of fine dining, lodging, and after-dark entertainment options available for visitors. Many of the city’s best restaurants are located in the historic 14-block downtown area, There are also a number of hotel options for tourists ranging from the ultra-luxurious Hyatt, the historically unique Kimpton Hotel Monaco, and a series of standard and comfortable chain options.

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