We all enjoy snapping selfies, checking ourselves out, and receiving positive social media feedback. Selfies, on the other hand, can be a little off-kilter, startlingly weird, or unexpectedly emotive at times. When selfies don’t work out as planned, they usually languish in the picture archives or are removed. However, some of the most bizarre, hilarious, and startling selfie blunders make it into the public spotlight. Perhaps they weren’t aware of the backdrop when they posted?

Prepare to be entertained and engaged as we look at some of the most hilarious and fascinating viral selfie disasters from folks who failed to check the background. Remember to glance behind you when you’re taking that new profile picture!

Booty Everywhere

She only wanted a lovely shot with her pal and the dog, a fast show-off selfie to assure her fans that she is truly enjoying her best life with her bestie and man’s best friend by her side. How could she know that things would go so wrong?

Boredom Therapy

She should have double-checked her dog’s stance before clicking that photo, but this particular pupper wasn’t having it. While these ladies flash their bright smiles, this boxer flaunts his full moon. In the end, pets almost always get the last laugh.

I Didn’t Know That Was a Team…

T-shirts and jerseys are an excellent opportunity to show off our passions while also showing support for the teams and athletes we admire. If you play in a minor league, having your name on the back of your jersey is even better.

Small Joys

Just make sure to double-check yourself before sharing those pics on social media, or you may inadvertently wreck yourself. Sure, her name is Lana, but it appears that Lana will be number one in something other than baseball. Hopefully, no one made fun of her at practice.

People Are so Rude

We feel a bit bad for this girl. She was just trying to take a cool picture of herself when these chumps rolled through and ruined it. We’ve all been bored when stuck in traffic and begun shooting selfies, haven’t we?

Lol Wot

Taking a selfie right after your driver cuts someone off, merges into their lane without signaling, or whatever transpired with the guy in the background of this picture is probably not wise. Maybe nothing occurred, and he’s simply sick of selfies in general, so he goes about ruining as many as he can.

Creepy Guy Alert

Back there, what do you think that guy in the reflection is looking for? Maybe she didn’t see a belt loop? Or possibly sat in something? Perhaps she just inquired whether her new spectacles made her butt seem large. What are the chances?

Bored Panda

Whatever the situation may be, this nice man is on the case! Whatever he’s searching for back there, he’s looking for it hard. That or he suddenly has a crick in his neck at the worst possible time. We’re curious whether he discovered whatever he was looking for…

Check Out These Muscles

Do you think this guy hasn’t made any friends save his mother because he’s spent all of his time gaining muscles? But, at the very least, she’s encouraging, right? She takes his gym position selfies and beams with pride as she does so.

Bored Panda

Perhaps they could have taken another if he had double-checked the photo before publishing it, or perhaps he wanted his mother to be in the picture. Do you think she’s keeping track of his reps and spotting him on the bench?

Why This Location?

It’s a peculiar relationship between toilets and technology. Because the bathroom is the most frequent spot to check social media, it’s reasonable to assume that more than a few of those bathroom mirror pictures are shot right before or during a number one or two–perhaps even a few of them during!

Bored Panda

At the very least, it was in this unfortunate woman’s case. It’s a great time-saver, especially if you’re looking exceptionally fantastic on the toilet, but remember to check your mirrors! Otherwise, your friends and family will make sure you never forget your embarrassment.

Attention-Seeking Behavior

The attention-seeking selfie is the worst type of selfie, and we all know at least one person who takes one. Take, for example, this unfortunate lady who is so desperate to let her fans know she has a boyfriend that she simply made one up.

Bored Panda

At the very least, he appears to be a lovely person who is madly in love with her, taking photos of her as she exits the shower and everything. We wonder if she has posted other things about him or if this is a one-time charade?

Hate It When This Happens

While these girls are causing havoc on the Internet, it appears that their little brother is causing havoc on the toilet. Another great reminder to check your backgrounds before snapping photos is this impromptu bathroom photo op. Someone should have told him first about the picture.

Bored Panda

Is he closing the door modestly in order to avoid being captured on video, or is he flinging it open for all to view the majesty of his bathroom destruction? We’re inclined to think the former, but maybe that’s just wishful thinking on our part.

Someone’s Standing at Attention

Now is the time to take that post-shower selfie! What do you think would be incredibly cool? Your shadow appearing in the backdrop! Sure, take a quick profile shot with your shadow against this brick wall! What’s that below at your waist, by the way?

Bored Panda

Were you using a hose or anything similar? Is it a serpent of some sort? What’s the deal with your wide smile? Are you sure you weren’t wearing a belt? That’s your belt buckle, right there! Please, let it be your belt buckle.

Mismatched Outfits

We’ve all met a father who insists on wearing the same old item over and over again. Dad wears the same old denim jacket, or in this instance, black and white checkered undies, no matter how dolled up everyone else is.

Bored Panda

Actually, the checkerboard pattern whitey tighties are so legendary that his son’s suit vest looks like it was inspired by his father’s. With a little addition of the red flower and a sleek bowtie. You know how pleased your father is!

Attention-Seeking Behavior 2: Electric Boogaloo

Another example of the attention-seeking selfie demonstrates that both men and women are capable of creating a nonexistent significant other. In all honesty, this man is a true artist for being able to do this with his feet. It’s a wonder he’s still unmarried with that kind of talent.

Bored Panda

Perhaps he and the lady with the fictitious shower selfie lover can hook up and snap selfies together? Instagram brought them together! Although, it’s always possible that he snapped the picture with the reflection on purpose to make fun of others.


Dude hikes all the way to the top of a mountain to take a stoic photo with his dog, only for his girlfriend to destroy it by taking her own selfie. This selfie reminds us of the movie Inception. It’s a self-portrait within a self-portrait.

Bored Panda

Buy one selfie, get one free. It appears that the dog and the man were on a separate journey than the girlfriend. At the very least, one of them seemed to be having a good time on the trip.

Mr. Fluffy, No!

Pets and formal selfies aren’t a good combination. Pets, for the most part, are unconcerned with your selfies or who you’re trying to impress. They’re more concerned about exposing their butts, tampering with your belongings, or, in this case, obtaining a drink from the commode.

Bored Panda

Maybe he wasn’t paying attention to the cat? Perhaps the cat is an artistic remark on the nature of formal attire in a cold world? In any case, his phone matches his outfit, which is chic, and his date is sure to be impressed.

Everything About This is Wrong

So, it appears that taking selfies in the restroom is a rather widespread occurrence. Using your bathroom time to grab your new profile image, as we discussed before, is a time-saving way to go if you’re feeling like you’ve got a vibe going when you’re going.

Bored Panda

We believe we can confidently conclude that the first rule of every selfie is to check your background, which this guy failed to do. Or, judging by his clearly inebriated grin, he simply doesn’t care. Maybe he thinks it’s a good look?

Let the Right One In

Pets, once again, are unconcerned with your selfies! When you’ve been slacking on sweets and affection because you’ve been lost in your phone, they may deliberately seek to undermine your selfies. Showing their backside, drinking from the toilet, or hurling themselves at your windows are all examples of sabotage.

Elite Readers

Clearly, the wisest choice is to lavish all of the love and food on the pups and take your selfies later. Or, better yet, take a bunch of cute pictures of your pets to share with everyone on the Internet.

Nude Beaches Can Be a Problem

Isn’t a beach selfie a must-have for any vacation? You’ve got your feet in the ocean, and your rump in the sand and life couldn’t be better until mister Johnson’s gigantic Johnson ruins your surf-side selfie. He is, nevertheless, body positive.

Elite Readers

And it’s definitely a one-of-a-kind selfie. How could she have missed that in the backdrop when it’s so large? Although, from the expression on her face, we think that she knew he was there and took this picture on purpose to show everything off.

Don’t be an Ass

From top to bottom, this kid’s picture has gone completely wrong. For one thing, the lens clearly focused on the background leaving the main subject in the foreground super blurry. For another, well, it’s fairly obvious what we mean.

Elite Readers

We’re guessing that he visited a dude ranch or went to a cool stables for an awesome horseback riding experience and wanted to commemorate everything. But, maybe next time you should take the picture when the horse is facing you?

He Really Likes Your Hair, Huh?

A new haircut is said to make you feel like a new person, but does it actually make you do new things or meet new people? With her new haircut, this woman’s wild streak has truly come out, and her buff, good-looking man appears to appreciate it as well. Maybe too much.

Elite Readers

But what is it that she is reaching for? Is it a snake? Is that some sort of hose? Is that his nonexistent belt? This girl’s new hair has her pulling out all the stops! But we didn’t want to see all of that.


It’s not easy being the third wheel. It’s exhausting to be forced to attend couple’s activities and listen to your buddies slobber and gush over each other all of the time. Even worse is the group shot, which generally consists of just the pair kissing or hugging up as you stand uncomfortably to one side.

Elite Readers

By embracing the discomfort and fading unnaturally into the background, this guy found out a clever technique to make the third wheel even more wonderfully unpleasant. We wonder how long it will take the sweet couple to notice anything amiss?

It’s Mine Now

It’s summer, the weather is scorching, and this dog is craving ice cream. Unfortunately, the girl in front of me is too preoccupied with shooting a selfie. That’s OK, says the lil’ doggie; all I need is a lick from yours! I doubt she was aware of the situation before capturing the photo.

Elite Readers

Isn’t it true that she would have given the guy a little something? Who knows, he may have gotten his own right after this was published. We have reason to believe she might have at least given him a lick or something.

Sis, Give It a Rest

We believe we can all relate to this young kid, right? It’s time to put the phones aside and spend time with the family. But it appears that this gal can’t get enough, and lil’ sis is getting tired of it.

Elite Readers

She was so tired that she decided to make some additions to the backdrop of big sister’s most recent picture. She’s not blowing kisses back there, for sure. This is how true sibling love seems, even on the most civil of days.

The Main Attraction

For their tables, various people choose different centerpieces. Some individuals like flowers, while others prefer photographs of their family, friends, and loved ones, while yet others choose statues or busts. This woman has a unique perspective on centerpieces.

Elite Readers

But, really, who could blame her? It’s both practical and attractive. Even if it means your grandmother may ask you some embarrassing questions when you share your newest selfie on social media. Maybe save this pic for your friends-only Instagram or something.

Being a Kid is Tough

You just want to have fun, right? Doing weird dances on TikTok, taking selfies in the bathroom…but then your mom comes in with that judgmental look on her face, and it’s all over. Seriously, this mother looks like she’s questioning her parenting skills and life choices here.


On the other hand, moms don’t exactly have it easy. Why, back in their day, they had to walk uphill to school in the snow both ways, in bare feet. Everything was harder, and we don’t appreciate them for their enormous sacrifices. Instead, we make weird faces at our phones for fun.

Fatherly Failures

Dads, you’ve got to adore ’em. Isn’t it true that they don’t always grasp it? Dad passes in the backdrop, his richness of a beer belly shining in the light, while the kid takes a selfie. Did he time it on purpose, or was it an accident?

Runt of the Web

Or perhaps this father is aware of something that the rest of us need to be aware of. The dad bod, to be precise. As it appears that everyone is smitten with the dad bod, perhaps a few more men should bust open the six-packs like this loving father.

Love is in the Air

For someone who isn’t this guy. No offense, man! You don’t look so bad in this picture, but, according to that black and white dog, you are definitely not the main attraction here. That brown dog has got you beat by a mile.

Runt of the Web

We’re sure he only wanted a lovely shot with his dogs, but certain desires are uncontrollable! Especially when you can immortalize the event in your owner’s selfie and share it with the world! Dogs can be rather shameless that way.

Rocko’s Modern Life

Who else remembers that show? It was one of those adult cartoons masquerading as a kids’ show on Nickelodeon back in the day. And, clearly, the fans have finally hit adult age themselves if the large pink dildo and lack of pants are anything to go by.

Elite Readers

Please, folks, look before you snap. It can save you a lot of awkward talks you’d rather avoid in the first place. When her… ahem… massager… wound up on the timelines of all her pals, this girl undoubtedly learned the hard way. It makes you question what she was up to right before she took this selfie.

Ugh, Mom, That’s Not Your Best Angle!

Hey, there’s nothing wrong with snapping a cute pic of yourself looking sexy. Even if you want to when your toddler is around. But, that kid is clearly demonstrating that their mom has chosen her camera angle poorly. Just see how she cut off the top of her face!

Runt of the Web

You can almost see the dissatisfaction on this kid’s face, and you have to wonder how whoever she sent this to felt about seeing a seductive photo with a dissatisfied child as the focus point. We understand that with five or six children, you have to squeeze it in wherever you can, but she should have double-checked the backdrop, or periphery, before sending this one.

Foul Ball

It’s been a fantastic day at the ballpark! You whip out your phone to take a short picture because the sun is shining, the fragrance of freshly cut grass is in the air, and you’re feeling good, so you do so then… BAM!

Runt of the Web

That’s a grand slam! This is a rare shot taken just before tragedy hits, and for this ball enthusiast, misfortune came in the form of the Ol’ horsehide.

Honey, Snap a Pic

The first rule of being a talented photographer is to be certain you’re not in the picture, but given his age, we’ll give him a pass. He’s only getting started, right? He’ll figure it out. And incredibly kind of him to start with his parents.

Runt of the Web

The ideal depiction of love in a middle-of-the-road trailer park. In a short time, this youngster will be a well-known photographer. At least, we hope so, considering how scarred for life we’d be if we took this picture of our parents in their undies.

Fall Into Poop

There’s nothing better than lying amongst the fall leaves and enjoying the crisp air. It’s often picturesque, so we don’t blame this woman for wanting to capture the moment and share it with everyone on social media. But this is a good example of look where you lay.

We’re hoping that she didn’t end up getting any of the poop in her outfit or hair. Since she seemed so shocked in the comments, we assume it wasn’t stinky and didn’t ruin her outfit, but hopefully, she’ll learn to check the great outdoors before enjoying it again.

The Cat’s Meow

When you’re caught, sometimes you simply have to acknowledge it, right? When Nick points out that one lady has the identical table decoration as several others on the list, she just laughs it off. What else do you do, after all?


On a style note, women, always double-check your selfies for glass reflections. Or, at the very least, follow Sarah’s lead and enjoy the moment. As long as the comment doesn’t come from a family member, we doubt that anyone’s actually judging you, considering how popular the toys are.

Uh, Sir? Hello?

Don’t you just hate that moment when you’re attempting to snap a selfie, and someone manages to capture a reflection of themself clutching their nipples and making hellish faces? That hasn’t happened to you before? No, we haven’t experienced that either. However, it appears that this girl has.

Bored Panda

Perhaps she needs to make more friends? Or hire an exorcist to come to her residence and perform an exorcism? Whatever her solution is, we hope she implements it quickly. At least before the next time, she decides to take a picture.

Don’t Look Up, Nana

This isn’t an attempt to slut shame this girl. Not at all. The sexy pictures you choose to take in the comfort of your home are your own business. But it seems a bit strange that you’d do this kind of thing when your nana is just minding her own business, reading the paper in the living room.

Bored Panda

Is it the size of the mirror that proved too tempting to resist? We honestly aren’t sure how chill nana would be if she happened to glance up and see what this girl was doing, but apparently, the photo was taken, and no one had a heart attack.

Antithetical Vibes

Some females enjoy getting done up and going out on a Saturday night, while others prefer to remain home and have a corn dog. This selfie nicely encapsulates the spirit of those two sorts of females. Sure, the girl in the front seems cool, but we’re sure the girl in the back with her corndog will have a far better time at night.

Bored Panda

Ladies, be you. Get dressed up if you’re getting dressed up. Enjoy your corn dog if you’re having one. Just remember to look at the background before you take the photo! That way, everything will match nicely.

We Have No Cups in This House

We’ll admit it: parenthood is difficult. Parenting while attempting to maintain a continuous supply of selfies on social media is next-level challenging. That’s why we’re not going to be too harsh with this mother. She’s merely pleased with herself for being well-dressed and attractive. Who are we to deprive her of that?

Bored Panda

That youngster who drinks directly from the tap, on the other hand, has to be taught about germs. There is no good way to say this, but sticking your whole face into even a clean sink faucet is a great way to get stuff you really don’t want in your mouth. Please, at least find a cup next time!

Turn Left, Mommy

While we do understand the importance of keeping the steady flow of sexy selfies for the profile, we think this one is a little bit over the top. Sure, she does look very good, but isn’t the outfit a little bit risque when your daughter is the one taking the picture?

Bored Panda

Maybe its the over-the-knee boots combined with the fishnet stockings. Or maybe it’s the lack of pants or a skirt with the corset top. Whatever it is, we just think you could maybe tone it down a little bit when there’s a minor involved.

Get Out of the Shower!

This picture seems especially unfair, or like it was a prank of some kind. We’re sure the guy in the shower did not deserve to have his nakedness blasted over social media like this. Don’t get us wrong: hygiene is vital, but taking a shower in the locker room when your teammates are attempting to snap that post-game photo could be a bad idea.


There’s already one selfie stick supporting the camera, so no one needs to see yours as well! But, at the very least, he’s devoted to being fresh and clean, right? Sure, cleanliness is next to godliness, but we doubt He’d love that if you showed your junk in front of that youngster.

The Bare Necessities

It’s Saturday night, you’re alone at home, feeling good about yourself, but no one is there to judge your appearance. You decide to take a selfie so that everyone can see what they’re missing. But first, make sure you’re dressed in all of your clothing.


The lack of a pair of pants can give the selfie a completely new mood, but it might not be what you’re after. There’s no going back now, especially after the Internet sees this. It may forgive, but your friends and family will never forget.

Unfortunate Angles

By now, we should all be aware of how attempting to take a lovely picture with the pet will end up. When you add infants to the mix, the stakes are raised to a different extreme. As you can see, newborns, like pets, are unconcerned by your selfies.


This one, though, can’t be placed entirely on the youngster. When a dog has to go, a dog has to go. He could have chosen a better location than the kids’ head, but we’ll say it again: dogs don’t care about your selfies!

When Will My Reflection Show Who I Am?

We know we often stress the need of checking the backdrop before uploading, but you should really inspect all around your selfies before releasing them. All of her followers were surprised to see the insides of this lady’s nostrils.


Maybe she was attempting to brag about how spotless her apartment is up there? Maybe it’s her own unique way of flaunting herself? We’ll leave it up to her to come up with an excuse. We’re sure she’s got a slew of them up there.

Please Turn Around

We’re thinking this was going to be one of those adorable mom/child bathtub selfies, but something went tragically wrong somewhere along the way when the youngster slid and smashed their butt on the tub bottom. We’ll give it to the mother; at the very least, she’s attempting to photograph these precious moments.


Regrettably, she received the reality rather than the expectation. We assume that the kid made some noise on their way down or started crying immediately afterward. At least they got a picture to laugh at in the future.

Whose Butt is It Anyway?

So, this guy was obviously documenting his road rash burns, but it looks like either there is an inconveniently placed mirror or someone else in the room was getting changed when he snapped this photo. If so, he at least should have warned the other man.


If it’s his own butt, then, well, it’s really his fault for not checking the background before posting this picture or sending it off to a friend. Or, it could have been a prank played on his friends.

The Creep

This one isn’t a selfie fail in that the girl did anything wrong; she just happened to be in a horror movie. We certainly hope that the person behind the curtain was only playing a joke and wasn’t about to lunge out with a knife.


She is looking pretty cute, but that may have been what attracted the creeper in the first place. Presumably, this isn’t the last seen photograph of this young lady after finding her body the next morning in this very bathroom…

Change Your Ways

We’ve previously said that, like pets, newborns are unconcerned by your selfie. They could even defecate on your selfie as this youngster did. The kids aren’t going to hold back simply to capture that bathroom mirror photo of you and your crew.


When the infant has to be changed, he or she is changed. This poor mother is just trying to take care of her baby’s needs in peace. If you really need to take that bathroom selfie, why not wait a few minutes until she’s finished? Or find a different bathroom?

Convenient Positioning

While at first, the positioning might look strange, inside the shower is not an uncommon place for people to want to relax. Plus, those candles could really set the mood when you’re looking to wind down after a long, hard…day.


Although, we are a bit worried about how slippery it can get in the shower. One wrong move might really hurt. However she wants to spend her evenings, we think this lady should have taken a look around before snapping her selfie.

Huge Yikes

Robin Thicke is well-known for his love of women, as seen by his song “Blurred Lines.” Whether you enjoy the song or not, the message delivered is one of ignoring boundaries and overt sexuality. Hopefully, the woman in this picture consented to whatever was happening up her skirt.


However, his celebrity position does not guarantee that he will not commit the great sin of failing to examine the backdrop before taking a selfie. This is a significant failure for Thicke since it was one of the many reasons he and his nine-year wife sought a divorce in 2014. As you can see, not all of these blunders are amusing!

You’re a Terrible Friend

This is just plain rude. It’s unclear why this woman is sharing a bathroom stall with someone else; maybe she needed to lend her a pad for an unexpected period? Whatever the reason, we’re sure the lady on the toilet didn’t consent to have a pic snapped, especially one featuring her underwear.


We hope that the woman having her period gave her friend a stern talking to when this pic showed up on their mutual social media. Seriously? No matter how fly you happen to look, this is extremely uncool.

Granpa’s Exciting Nap

The elderly are part of another anti-selfie group that includes dogs and babies. They are far too old for your folly! You’re trying to make your mans think you’re sexy? Regrettably, Grandpa is sound asleep. Well, hopefully, your guy will just focus on you in the foreground.


Isn’t she at the very least paying a visit to her grandparents? It’s wonderful to see children and teenagers spending time with their elders. Although, maybe you should try playing a board game or watching a movie together instead of…whatever this is.

Too Much Information

Weddings are a moment to celebrate your relationship, while pregnancy announcements are a time to welcome a new member to your family. Hopefully, you won’t have to hold these events at the same time. Alternatively, if you do, you shouldn’t inform your relatives in the manner in which these two did.

Our favorite part of this exchange is clearly the father of one of this pair asking them to call and explain the situation because the mom is confused. We’re inclined to believe it is the woman’s father commenting because ladies tend to have more overprotective dads, but it could be anyone’s guess.

Just Plain Weird

We’ve got a lot of questions about this picture and how it managed to make it onto social media. For one thing, the girl on the left has her eyes shut. For another, there’s the weird two-handed rubber thing for her pleasure. But why is it hanging like that? Shouldn’t it be by a bed?

Just plain weird

On this one, we believe the centerpiece analogy is irrelevant. There’s no disputing what that contraption is used for, especially when it’s so large that it has to be tied to the side of the wall to be stored. Which of them does it, however, belong to? Our money is on the girl with half-closed eyes.

Hello In There?

It’s Plan B time, as not all photo opportunities the baby is ready to collaborate with! If you can’t point your baby in the same direction as you, stand in front of the mirror and shoot both in the same shot.
Hello in there?
Now this baby doesn’t look good at all and didn’t really want this picture. Meanwhile, Mom is very proud of her decision. At least, until she notices the glaring error in the middle of her frame. Hopefully, she took a few pictures and managed to get Junior cooperating in one of them to put on the Christmas card.

L’eau de Toilette

She might have thought she had a good day, but the time she spent dressing up meant that she seemed to forget to fill the dog’s water bowl! A heinous crime, for sure, but at least the dog had an excellent backup option ready and waiting for the thirst to strike.
L’eau de toilette

In any case, while this may have been intended to be a picture that made people thirsty, she likely didn’t intend to mean it literally. We recommend, next time, either taking your selfie in a different room or closing the door beforehand, so no unwanted pets make an appearance in your sexy photo.

Excuse Me!

I don’t care; I’m just taking a selfie. Probably not the most elegant place to catch yourself in front of the camera. Especially if an anonymous retiree is standing next to him and is in the picture. Seems a bit rude, to be honest.
Excuse me!
Not surprisingly, the bathroom with large mirrors and bright lighting is a normal place for selfies. However, there is always time, not just a place, to take a selfie. That’s when there aren’t any random people who don’t seem to be very impressed with your decision.

On A Pedestal

Trying to get your entire outfit in a selfie is already tricky. It’s even harder when you’re utilizing a mirror that only starts at your waist. In small, narrow bathrooms, it can be a serious hassle trying to maneuver your way into an area where everyone can see all of the hard work you put in.

On a pedestal
The girl stood in the family bidet and acted to capture her correctly, but her decision-making had cheerful results. We understand that it can be difficult when you aren’t tall enough and need to find other options, but her decision makes something new.

The Right Tools For The Job

This is pure self-dedication. This kid wanted a selfie and a selfie that he could take. Not knowing where his cell phone was, he used the screen of his iMac computer to get a front camera and mirrored the moment.
The right tools for the job
What is the best? His final result was his selfie, so double the win! That must have been his intention. Otherwise, he could have taken a selfie just by looking at the screen and taking a picture of himself.

Weird Thing To Lie About

Selfie photos are so common these days that you don’t need to explain why you take them. While this girl was drinking her coffee, she decided that she only had to sign a selfie in the car.
Weird thing to lie about
On the other hand, her caption “This Traffic UGH” did not go down when her followers could see the reflection of the mirrored glass, which indicates that there were no other cars on the road. All she needed was a small pose for the camera and a reason to pout.

Your Left, My Right

You know those pictures every tourist just has to take? Like when you pretend you’re holding up the leaning tower of Pisa? Well, it looks like this was something similar to that idea. Except either the photographer wanted to play a joke, or neither person could get their angles correct.

Your left, my right
Well, this is clearly wrong, and it was probably the photographer’s duty to help his friends correct his point of view. “A little to the left” would have gone very far, especially for photography. Now the Washington Monument is simply off to the side.


We’ve all seen celebrities show up for red carpet events, only to notice at the last second that someone else is wearing the same gown. The supposed one-of-a-kind designer label gets twinned more often than you’d think. But, in real life, this sort of thing likely happens quite often.

The man in the background looks like a self-portrait man, so he looks like he’s wearing a shirt of the same color. It’s not every day that everyone sees what happens 30 years later, but it was a lucky day for this guy-he didn’t even need a clairvoyant to help!

Just Too Short

Do you remember the 2014 Oscars? Everyone online sure does. Mainly because a ton of superstars got together to snap a selfie and post it on Twitter during the event. It was the most retweeted tweet in 2014, to a staggering amount of 3,431,000 retweets.

Just too short

Sadly, you can see Liza Manelli in the bottom picture, trying desperately to get seen in the selfie. However, a combination of unfortunate genetics and the popularity of everyone else meant that she was stuck at the back, unable to be seen. Better luck with another year!

Cat Lady

Sometimes you just want to take a picture of yourself looking fine. But, as we’ve said so many times before, pets don’t care what you’re doing or why you’re doing it. They’ve got their own agendas, and especially cats will wait for no one.

Cat lady

This poor woman just wanted to show off her cute top when not one but both of her cats decided that it was actually their time to shine. One of them simply horned his way to the foreground while the other clever kitty posed as a hat. His fur doesn’t really match her outfit, but he sure didn’t care.

Class Is In Session

There is time and place for everything. The classroom is not a place to take a selfie but a time to learn what is essential for studying. Unfortunately, this girl apparently didn’t get the memo to put her selfie app away.
Class is in session
Many people don’t listen during the lecture, but if you can’t pay attention, think twice about the best place to take a selfie in front of the camera. Let’s hope she learns her lessons and resumes her studies-after all. Her degree doesn’t come from selfies.

It’s Your Car, Huh?

If this guy thought he had found a way to claim that this was his car, he would definitely be wrong. Showing that he owns this car by making a cardboard cut-out of himself is a drastic measure.
It’s your car, huh?

We’re a bit confused as to why he didn’t simply snap a shot of himself actually standing next to the car. Or at least have one of his friends do so. Maybe the car was parked somewhere he couldn’t physically access, and this was the best he could do? We hope it was for a prank!

The Long Arm of Indifference

Many people bring the camera very close to their faces when taking a selfie. After all, the camera is there to capture the face. However, this guy wanted the best angles and lighting, and it seems that others were involved in his selfie.
The long arm of indifference
There are certainly no subtleties in this picture, and he wasn’t shy at all when he noticed how ridiculous his attempt was. Or maybe he didn’t think it was ridiculous at all. We’re not sure if anyone told him that he was being obnoxious or not.

Don’t Feed The Animals

Keeping animals behind barriers means that you never know how animals react with people. There’s a reason the zoo has signs to keep you out of the way by touching and feeding the animals, but you may need to stay away from taking selfies.
Don’t feed the animals
This is the best example of why those barriers are so important. The camel decided to reach directly to the woman’s head when she tried to catch an animal with a selfie shot. Maybe she shouldn’t have gotten so darn close to the guy.


We’re not sure whether this selfie was a triumphant one about surviving a plane crash or a cry for help from the naval authorities nearby, but it certainly raises plenty of questions. How did he survive? How did his phone survive? Is taking a selfie really what he should be doing right now?


Was he the only person on board the plane? We can see it in the background there, but we can’t make out any other bright orange spots bobbing in the ocean around him. Hopefully, if there were others, they also made it out OK and took their own selfies from somewhere else.

Totally Busted

Nobody needs to be trapped in the move of making a selfie, regardless of how socially adequate it is by all accounts coming. This present person’s face demonstrates that when he endeavors to take a washroom selfie and is strolled on at that precise second.

Totally busted

The most interesting thing about him is that he’s shooting a reverse mirror selfie, so even if he tried to include his hat, it wouldn’t have worked because the reflections switch! Perhaps he should reconsider his selfie strategy.

Who’s Driving?!

When it comes to her morning Starbucks coffee, “don’t drink and drive” isn’t an issue for this girl. We can’t help but wonder who is driving with one hand on the camera and the other on the beverage.

Who’s driving?!

These safety safeguards are not in place for no reason; after all, while your coffee is vital, we’re more concerned about the other automobiles on the road. We hope the selfie was worth it! The whole thing was pretty dangerous.

Pet Meow Instead

Pets may not be able to communicate verbally, but they can certainly show their feelings for their owners through other methods. As a pet owner, you may be so proud of your pet that your whole photo roll is devoted to them.

Pet meow instead

Meanwhile, how do you suppose your cat feels about always having to pose for photos? This cat has clearly gotten her fill, and she is letting her owner know. Even the girl is saddened by her cat’s candor.

On The Pot Again

For this selfie, it was all about beauty and no intellect. While snapping photos in a bathroom mirror is customary, utilizing a mirror in a bathroom stall is not. We’re really unsure why so many people choose to photograph themselves while they’re peeing or pooping. Do you really look good doing that?

On the pot again

This lady appears to be unaware that she has been recorded while her trousers are still down. Many people may be focused on her beauty for the snapshot, but there is no justification for failing to notice the selfie mistake and then posting the photo online!


You’d think this girl has a lot on her plate right now, but snapping a selfie appears to be her top priority right now! However, our main issue is why this girl took her baking tools to the restroom.


Nobody would expect to acquire baked products from next to a toilet when there is most certainly a kitchen nearby. We really hope she’s using them in a prank or to poison someone. She refuses to put down the wooden spoon since it is plainly unsanitary!

Voldemort Strikes Back

These two buddies may have been having a good time in the park and wanted to commemorate the occasion with a nice selfie. Meanwhile, they had no idea that the Dark Lord had returned after Harry Potter had defeated him.

Voldemort strikes back

Rather, Lord Voldemort has returned in broad daylight and appears to be having a good time on this beautiful day. If this is the man himself, we are not the only ones who are terrified. We can only hope he sticks to the wizarding world.

Morning Routine

This is a really good selfie. Not only is this female flexing her muscles, but she’s also taking the photo with her foot! This is also a unique approach to brushing her teeth, as this is not a typical stance we find ourselves performing in the morning or at night.

Morning routine

Nor do we manage to multitask so smoothly. Perhaps she should take her abilities someplace other than the toilet, but if this is how she wants to stretch on a regular basis, who are we to judge?

Risky Business

Millennials nowadays! There’s a tornado in the area, and all she can think about is taking a weird selfie. It was, after all, Prom night, so she was surely photo-ready. But, instead, she wants to focus on making a weird face and getting the tornado in the background.

Risky business

She was not going to pass up any photo opportunity, even if there was a tornado just behind her. Perhaps her safety might have been more of a worry, but her look suggests that she was not going to allow any natural calamities to get in the way of her plans!

Scary Halloween

If this was not a Halloween costume, there is no explanation for this father’s clothes. No doubt, dads like going out of their way to humiliate their children, but this father’s daughter seemed to be scared by her father’s new look.

Scary Halloween

It’s her reaction that makes this selfie so fantastic, but we’re hoping this Ke$ha look doesn’t stay too long since it appears she wants her father back – the one she recognizes. We can’t say we really blame her; this outfit is super weird.


Typically nowadays, people tend to photograph or record cops while they’re doing their jobs. It’s to help promote a culture of accountability in the hopes that police will not overreact or behave badly if they know that everyone can take a video or picture and simply post it to the Internet.


However, in this case, the cop doesn’t appear to be doing anything harmful or offensive. The photographer seems fine, and we guess he just wanted evidence that he’d been pulled over. Maybe to show his friends or family as an excuse for being late to an important event? Or his boss to explain his absence at work?

One and Two

This girl couldn’t decide between her Guess denim shirt and her camouflage shirt, so she wore both! Why you could ask? We’re not sure because the window of the car appears to be open, and it can’t be that chilly outdoors.

One and two

Unless we’ve missed a new fashion trend in which wearing two shirts together is fashionable, we’re going to think that this girl just has too many clothes to select from and is a lousy choice maker.

Check Out These Kicks

When you have an outfit that you are proud of, you will go to great measures to ensure that your on-point style is caught, regardless of the methods. In this case, this guy wanted everyone to see his awesome new shoes but lacked a full-length mirror in his home.

Check out these kicks

This guy wasn’t going to let the lack of a full-length mirror deter him from taking a selfie. He decided to go all Spiderman on us and climb up the door to capture a head-to-toe photograph, and he certainly succeeded.

All Together Now

They say that after a while, cats start to resemble their humans, and this appears to be the case here. Not only do they have the same hue eyes, but they also take selfies in the same stance!

All together now

While the owner appears to be agreeing with her cat’s expression, the kitty appears to be genuinely surprised and has their eyes on something more vital than a selfie — most likely food, a bird outside, or a new bag of treats on the counter.


Remember how we previously mentioned the leaning tower of Pisa and the lengths people go through the find the right angle to make it seem like they’re pushing it over or holding it up? Well, someone else noticed how funny everyone looks doing it.


Many people get the angles for the image so correct that it seems believable, while others get it so wrong. Meanwhile, one individual shot a funny photo of everyone and their tries in the backdrop. While this shot just shows the end result, it demonstrates how this has become a very popular tourist site.

Queen For A Day

Sometimes you just have to break the rules to capture that spectacular selfie, and this child certainly did! He managed to capture the Queen of England in the same photo for his one-of-a-kind selfie. We’re curious how he managed to dodge all of the royal security.

Queen for a day

This man truly deserves a standing ovation, as this is not an everyday event. Although photographing the legendary queen is against royal decorum, he will have this selfie for the rest of his life and will not have to do it again.