Stone Mountain Park

Stone Mountain Park is the perfect destination for the whole family.

Quick notes:

  • The mountain is the draw but it’s so much more than that.

  • The has something for everyone during every season.

  • The theme park is packed with modern attractions and rich history.

Located just outside of Atlanta, Georgia, Stone Mountain Park is a family-friendly activity an entertainment center. The park is open all year long with plenty to do in any month. The park even produces special fireworks events for major holidays such as New Year’s Eve, Spring Break, Memorial Day, 4th of July and more.

About Stone Mountain, Georgia

A visit to the area begins at the giant stone sculpture of Confederate Generals Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee which forms the center of the city and is the gateway to Stone Mountain Park. As you’ll soon see, the park is a one-stop-shop for all things vacation. With attractions galore, such as two golf courses, 15 miles of hiking trails, and a walk-up trail to the top of the mountain, there’s no shortage of things to do.

Lodging options include the Stone Mountain Inn, Evergreen Marriot Resort, and more. Many visitors choose a location and then to plan a week-long stay so there’s plenty of time to enjoy all the park’s attractions.

Activities Throughout The Year

Stone Mountain Park

Stone Mountain Park’s attractions are open on a seasonal basis and, depending on what time of the year you visit, there’s plenty to do. For example, during the fall, Stone Mountain Park has a Pumpkin Festival with a play-by-day and glow-by-night attraction.

In November, they have an authentic Native American Festival and Pow Wow so your family can immerse themselves in the true culture of the Native American tribes across the country.  There’s dancing, cooking, storytelling and more during the special yearly event that will educate and inspire you to learn more about the Native American culture.

Visitors can also enjoy a festival known as Stone Mountain Christmas. During other cold brisk months, Stone Mountain Park transforms into a Winter Wonderland of tubing and snow sports. The Dare Devil Plunge is their “tallest, fastest slope” and takes brave adventurers on a trip through a tunnel of lights.

In the warmer months, Stone Mountain Park has activities that appeal to those looking to relax as well as to natural adventurers seeking thrill rides and adrenaline boosts. The SkyHike is the largest family adventure course in the country and has treetop trekking, vertical net bridges and suspended wood bridges. SkyHike also leads to The Camp Highland Outpost, which has rock walls and a low-ropes course.

The park also has indoor activities

When the weather isn’t quite right but your vacation is still on, Stone Mountain Park offers plenty of indoor activities. You and your family can take a trip with Dorothy on the 3D Wizard of Oz Experience, or visit the Dinotorium, a 4-level attraction that offers super slides, trampoline floors, and interactive games.

Historic education blends with modern entertainment

The Stone Mountain Park monolith features a carved Confederate Memorial and plenty of historical interpretive guides for the carving. In addition, a cable car ride from the bottom takes passengers up to the mountain’s peak, offering vast views of the scenic lands surrounding it.

Adventure awaits as you discover a wide variety of family-friendly activities and recreational options, plus many natural and historic sights.

The historical richness of Stone Mountain Park is highlighted by modern entertainment. At the Historical and Environmental Education Center, you can learn all about the geology and ecology of Stone Mountain and its vast trails. While there, visitors can watch a civil war documentary, explore a gallery, and participate in interactive science exhibits.

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