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Because there was never a better combination than bread, cheese, and tomato sauce.

Quick notes:

  • Read about Brooklyn’s most legendary pizzeria Di Fara.

  • Head to Vinnie’s Pizzeria for the low-cost, high-quality option.

  • Know which mid-range restaurants will get you the best ingredients for the pricetag.

Everyone knows that New York City has the best pizza. If you don’t know, it’s ’cause you haven’t had it! If this is you, however, don’t fret. We’ve got the best pizza places Brooklyn has to offer, so that next time you’re heading to the city that never sleeps, you know exactly where to go!

First on our list is Vinnie’s Pizzeria, with locations in Williamsburg and Greenpoint. We figured we start with the place where you’ll get the most bang for your buck; Vinnie’s is known for being on the cheaper side compared to other pizza places, without skimping on quality. The best part is they’ve got a special, trademarked pizza-box pizza, where your pizza is delivered in — you guessed it — a pizza box that is made out of pizza.

Sound like too much pizza? It probably is, which is why it’s a $45 order. Best to save that one for a night out with friends.

Looking for a classier experience?

“The best artisan pizza in NYC!” -Paulie Gee’s Yelp reviewer

Try Paulie Gee’s. This dine-in restaurant is a local favorite, with creative flavor combinations that might just blow you away (if they don’t gross you out, first). There’s the famous Hellboy, with salami and spicy honey, or the Benny Gee topped with a drizzle of hollandaise (a sauce made with butter, egg yolk, and lemon). Be prepared to spend a little more for these innovative creations, however. Originality doesn’t come cheap.

Guiseppina’s is another mid-level option with some of the best brick-oven pizzas around. Even the New York Times has reviewed this spot, calling chef and owner Chris Iacono “brick-oven royalty”. So what makes this restaurant so special? Perhaps it’s the cozy, family-friendly atmosphere. Or the short but fitting wine and beer menu. Or maybe it’s simply the fact that they know how to make a good pizza.

Find out for yourself at this subdued spot in South Slope, Brooklyn.

Got any diet restrictions?

Just because you’re vegan or gluten-free doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a good Brooklyn pie.

Lean Crust pizza was created with people like you in mind. With a mission to create pizza “you didn’t have to feel guilty eating”, this restaurant has earned itself a reputation in the gluten-free community. With reasonable prices, fresh ingredients, and every pizza made to order, it’s hard to complain! The waiters here are actually expecting you to modify your order.

Enjoy classics like the Margherita and Caprese pizza, or switch things up with ingredients like prosciutto, goat cheese, and white truffle oil. And go home feeling deliciously satisfied without the stomach cramps!

For the best vegan cheese in NYC, look no further than Screamer’s Pizzeria. With two different Brooklyn locations, you’ll never have to go without your pizza fix. Their menu is no joke, either; they’ve got toppings like almond ricotta and hot pesto dollops, “Canadian fake’n” and oyster mushrooms. To keep up with your diet, or just try something new, it’s a top-notch choice.

When you want what’s tried and true

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Above all, the place you’ll hear name-dropped most often when it comes to Brooklyn pizza is Di Fara Pizza. This beloved locale has been around since 1965, and earned the title of “New York City Pizza Legend” from The New York Times. Sure, you’ll be paying $5 a slice… and you might have to wait an hour to get it, but what does that matter when you’re tasting an NYC legend?

This spot’s humble beginnings and unmatched attention to detail have earned it the last place on our list — and the highest recommendation.

Whether looking for cheap and greasy, or extravagant and complicated, Brooklyn has a pizza place for everyone. And with so many quality restaurants to choose from, you might just find yourself eating out every night. So get your stomachs (and wallets) ready, and Buon appetito!

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