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The beauty that is Casablanca should be added to your bucket list, like, now.

Quick Notes:

  • Casablanca is home to stunning architecture

  • The art scene is a must-see

  • Who knew surfing was huge in Casablanca?

When you hear the word Casablanca, you’re more likely to envision the 1942 romantic film as opposed to the Moroccan city because of the movie’s popularity and classic status. The film may follow a whirlwind romance, but the city is much more than a good script and a Hollywood stage.

Casablanca often gets overlooked by tourists and for no good reason. The city’s rich architectural history and culture-filled streets are just a couple of reasons why it’s a must-see for travelers.

Hassan II Mosque

The intricate mosque located is the largest in Morocco and took over seven years to build. Close to 10,000 artisans craftsmen were involved in its creation, and the architectural integrity of the mosque is not to be missed.

Cinéma Rialto

One of Casablanca’s most beautiful places is the Art Deco building Cinéma Rialto. It offers up a truly unique experience. Its outward beauty shouldn’t fool you, though, as it does play films just like any other cinema. According to National Geographic, it is “…one of the many cinemas that put Casablanca at the cutting edge of architectural design.”

Mahkama du Pacha

The wonderful hidden gem that is Mahkam du Pacha was built in the 1950s and has stood the test of time since due to its architectural integrity. The building now operates as an administrative site and courthouse.

Église du Sacré-Couer

This cathedral has since been desacralized, but still stands as a true physical dedication to the Gothic and Art Deco mix style of the 1930s, when it was built. The site is now home to concerts, events, and art exhibits.

Parc de la Ligue Arabe

Just down the street from the American Consulate is the Pac de la Ligue Arabe, a stunning outdoor park along Blvd Moulay Youssef. The park has been dubbed “The Green Lung” and is home to naturalistic beauty across its 75-acres.

Casablanca weather is near-perfect year-round so a walk here at any point in time would be well worth it.

Église Notre Dame de Lourdes

This wonderful piece of Brutalism architecture was built in the 1950s and still stands strong today showcasing the minimalist block-like simplicity that was all the rage in the late 50s and 60s. It boasts stained glass throughout and operates as a chapel.

Villa des Arts

A stop in Casablanca wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Villa des Arts, a work of art in its own right. The art museum is home to all kinds of visual beauty including paintings, sculptures, and vast grounds to explore. With different works of art to explore year-round, this gallery is a must-visit.

Fraguando / Wikimedia

Mohammed V Square

Perhaps one of the most breathtaking on the list, Mohammed V Square is a beautiful example of the French influence in Morocco. In the center, a large fountain dons the front of the building and the walkway is lined with symmetrical palm trees. The square is home to the Justice Building of Casablanca.

The Corniche

When people think of Casablanca, surf and sand probably aren’t the first things to jump into their minds. But The Corniche, a beautiful seaside walkway that runs along the Atlantic, is perfect for taking in the rich surf culture that Casablanca is home too, rivaling Venice Beach in California.

La Fabrique Culturelle des Anciens Abattoirs de Casablanca

What used to be a slaughterhouse now operates as a cultural hub of sorts. The public space is home to art exhibits, live music, and festival events throughout the year. Every day at La Fabrique is a little different because it’s not an art museum but rather a collective of local culture-enthusiasts.

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