Monte Carlo

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You can call me Bond, James Bond.

Quick Notes

  • Monte Carlo has the highest number of millionaires per capita of any place in the world.

  • The Monte Carlo Casino is the most famous casino in the world and has been used in many James Bond films.

  • Hire a yacht and sail through the Mediterranean for a cool $3 million.

Monte Carlo is a travel destination synonymous with luxury. With the highest number of millionaires per capita of any place in the world, Monte Carlo is dripping with luxury.

So whether you’re in Monte Carlo for the night or are looking to live in the lap of luxury for a few weeks, there’s no shortage of extravagant experiences for travelers to indulge in.

Arrive in style

What’s a more badass way to enter a country than by taking a private helicopter? There are a handful of companies offering helicopter flights that take cashed-up travelers from France to Monte Carlo, with prices ranging from 200 USD to over $3,500 USD.

If you’re willing to spend big money, you can skip the queues at the airport and start your holiday in style. And hey, if you’re going to splash out on everything else, why not start the party before you even land in Monaco?

“With the highest number of millionaires per capita than any other place in the world, Monte Carlo is dripping in luxury.”

Check-in to your luxury hotel

After stepping off your helicopter and into Monte Carlo, the next step is checking into one of the many luxurious hotels available.

Some famous luxury hotels in Monte Carlo are l’ Hôtel de Paris, Hotel Metropole, Fairmont, and Hotel Hermitage. These are some of the classiest (and most expensive) establishments in Monte Carlo, so you’re guaranteed a world-class experience.

During high season, one night in a basic room at l’Hôtel de Paris starts at approximately USD 800, while their premium suite is just over USD 33,200.

Dine with the best

Monte Carlo is home to several highly rated, expensive restaurants that’ll give you the taste of luxury. Of these, the most expensive and exclusive is Le Louis XV – Alain Ducasse.

Le Louix XV is Monte Carlo’s only three Michelin starred restaurant. Because of its high caliber food and luxurious setting, the restaurant commonly hosts visiting celebrities and millionaires.

While the menu is seasonal and prices change frequently, dishes range from USD 80 to USD 250, and the set lunch menu will set you back approximately USD 180 without drinks.

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Channel James Bond

After treating yourself to world-class food, the next stop on your extravagant tour of Monte Carlo should be the Casino de Monte Carlo.

The Monte Carlo Casino is synonymous with James Bond and for good reason. It was the inspiration for Ian Fleming’s first Bond novel, Casino Royale, and has been the location of several Bond films including GoldenEye and Never Say Never Again.

So whether you’re visiting the casino with plans to win big, or would rather sit at the bar with a martini… shaken, not stirred, it’s an integral step in anyone’s itinerary.

Leave the mainland

If you tire of the hustle and bustle of the mainland, one of the best experiences money can buy is chartering a superyacht. Most luxury yacht companies operate on a per-week basis, so it’s the perfect option for a five-star jaunt on the high seas.

If you plan to charter a yacht, you can be sure to pay a steep price for the luxury. For the most basic option, you’re looking at USD 500,000/week. At the higher end of the spectrum, some go for over USD 3-4 million/week.

As Monte Carlo is a travel destination synonymous with luxury, the best way to see it is to see it in the most extravagant way possible. By dining at world-class restaurants, chartering a superyacht, and channeling James Bond at the casino, you’re guaranteed the holiday of a lifetime.

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