The one-of-a-kind experience found all over the world takes the word museum to a whole new level

Quick Notes:

  • The unique experience will play tricks on you

  • You can get down and dirty with cognitive stimulation

  • The low cost of a ticket makes it a must-do experience

The Croatian-born Museum of Illusions has been taking the world by storm, with locations in New York City, Los Angeles, Berlin, Kuala Lumpur, Dubai, and Toronto, Canada. The wild tricks the illusions play on the mind and eyes have had people flocking to experience the one-of-a-kind museum.

It’s been a breath of fresh air from the normal stuffy, draped in history type of museum people are used to, and the experience is touted on their website as “a unique experience for all generations.”

The optical illusions are insane

The made-for-Instagram illusions have been set up to trick the eyes in a playful way. With over 70 installations, there’s an illusion for everyone. The space is splattered in teal and white, giving a front bill to the vast explorative rooms. One of the most popular illusions, the Rotated Room, has furniture bolted to the ceiling so you can feel like your world has been literally turned upside down.

Toronto4Kids / Twitter

The bottomless pit scares and excites, while the anti-gravity room will have you questioning everything you know about the laws of physics. Freak out your friends with a photo from the Head on a Platter room or ignite your infinite existence in the Infinity Room, a room full of floor-to-ceiling mirrors designed to create the illusion of neverending space.

It’s more than just a stand-and-look museum

Not only can you go to take wicked photos, your friends will be jealous of (they have spots on the floor to help you find the perfect angles), but there’s also plenty of interactive exhibits that you can get your hands dirty playing with.

Their Smart Playroom is full of games designed to test your mind while making it just a little bit stronger than when you first walked in the door. They have puzzles, games, a Dilemma scenario, mathematical problems, and other educational brain teasers that offer cognitive stimulation in a fun, competitive way.

The focus is “psychology meets science”

The entire idea behind the Museum of Illusions was to create a place that breaks barriers in the brain in a fun, exciting way. The illusions are designed to trick your psyche, and the interactive games are there to help you get those brain cells moving without it feeling like cognitive training.

The use of light, motion, mirrors, and games are what makes everything in the place work to stimulate your mind.

The installations are the same across all venues across the world. Since most won’t want to be scratching their heads afterward, they have a small description to go along with each installation explaining the exact reason why the brain has such a hard time wrapping itself around what it’s experiencing.

It won’t cost you an arm and a leg, either

The entire experience has a price tag of just under $20, and for less than the cost of a cheap dinner out on the town, the experience is well worth the cost. The cost will vary between countries, though, so depending on what location you attend, that price may be a little higher.

The number of illusions and exhibitions and their Smart Room come included in the ticket. If you want to take the fun home with you, you can hit up their Smart Shop and splurge for one of their 80 Dilemma games to keep the fun going long after you’ve finished your walk-through of the museum.

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