Have you ever used a visa to travel abroad? While an American passport is enough to get you into over 155 countries around the world, there are still a couple of nations that have a few more visa requirements. Depending on where you decide to go, it’s best to know whether or not you need a visa before you arrive at the airport. Here’s the ultimate list of countries that Americans need a visa to travel to.

Countries where a visa is required

What’s the real deal about visas? Fortunately for American travelers, our passport alone can get us into most countries in the world. As stated by,  a U.S. passport is actually one of the strongest in the world, ranking number 22 in terms of power. That means that an American passport is among the ranks of the sixth-most influential passport classes on the globe, along with countries like Ireland, France, and Belgium.

What countries require a visa? Some countries that absolutely require a visa for American tourists are Afghanistan, Algeria, Angola, Australia, and Azerbaijan. In addition, countries like Benin, Bhutan, Burundi, Cameroon, and Chad definitely have visa requirements for U.S. citizens. Plus, the Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Eritrea, Gabon, Ghana, Guinea, and India also want their American visitors to acquire a visa when they arrive.

Other countries that you need a visa to travel to include Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Liberia, and Libya. Not only that, but Mali, Myanmar, Nauru, Niger, and Nigeria necessitate American visas too. In terms of popular travel destinations, Australia, Cuba, and China have strict visa rules for U.S. citizens. On top of that,  Venezuela and Vietnam demand travel visas from their American guests too. You can view the full list of countries here.

Countries where you need an advance visa

This is crazy: there are actually a few different ways for Americans to get a tourist visa for shorter trips. One of the easiest routes is to pay for one as soon as you arrive at the airport. This practice is commonly called getting your “visa on arrival.” However, other countries suggest that U.S. citizens obtain a travel visa before they even enter the country, which is called an “advance visa.” In this case, buying an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) or an eVisa before your journey is relatively stress-free.

While Brazil has completely gotten rid of their visa requirements for U.S. citizens, there are a lot of other countries that call for eTAs or eVisas for Americans. These countries include Australia, Azerbaijan, Benin, Gabon, and India. Also, countries like Myanmar, Nigeria, Omar, and Pakistan are eVisa-friendly as well. Surprisingly, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Uganda, Uzbekistan, and Vietnam also accept eTAs and eVisas. Since these countries don’t require a physical visa anymore, you’ll never have to worry about losing your visa again.

But here’s the kicker: countries like Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sierra Leone, Somalia, and South Sudan still request advance visas from American citizens. Sudan, Syria, Turkmenistan, and Yemen ask for their U.S. visitors to provide a physical visa that they acquired ahead of time too. Nevertheless, if you’re planning to visit any of these countries soon, all that you need to do is secure a visa first.

Countries where you can get a visa on arrival

Even though you need eTAs and eVisas to travel to particular countries, you can still grab a visa upon arrival. While countries like Australia recommend that their American visitors to get a visa beforehand, you can also get a visa as soon as you land in the airport. Other countries that provide visas on arrival include Bahrain, Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, and Comoros. Additionally, Gambia, Jordan, Laos, and Lebanon supply visas at their airports.

You’re probably wondering: what other countries can I get a visa on arrival at? Fortunately, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritania, Mozambique, Nepal, and the Maldives allow American travelers to buy a visa once they land. As if that wasn’t enough, Paraguay, Rwanda, Seychelles, Tanzania, Timor-Leste, Togo, Tanzania, Tuvalu, and Zimbabwe supply visas on arrival as well.

What about the countries that provide eVisas or eTAs upon arrival? These include Bolivia, Cambodia, Djibouti, Egypt, Ethiopia, the Ivory Coast, and Guinea-Bissau. Kenya, Kuwait, Oman, Papua New Guinea, Suriname, Tajikistan, and Zambia provide online visas for American tourists too.

Countries that will require a visa in 2021

Planning to travel to Europe within the next couple of years? Then you should know that Americans that are traveling to  Schengen countries in Europe will officially require a visa as of 2021. While it only costs $8 to get a European Travel Information and Authorization System permit to fly to these countries, it’s definitely vital for your next Euro trip.

What’s a Schengen country anyway? Made up of 26 countries, Schengen countries are located in Europe. They all have one thing in common: a lack of passport and border control requirements for travelers. However, all of the countries have a shared procedure when it comes to visa.

Nations that fall within the Schengen zone include Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, and Finland. Other countries that lie within the Schengen area are Denmark, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary.  Slovenia, Italy, and Greece will also require a visa circa 2020. As long as you get a visa before you visit these countries, you’ll have a smooth trip!