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Ever heard of Area 51? Then you’ll know that it’s basically impossible to catch a glimpse of this secret military base. Located in the middle of a Nevada desert, Area 51 sits right in the center of a lakebed surrounded by mountain peaks. Here’s the catch: Tikaboo Peak is the only legal place where you can get a sneak peak of Area 51!

The Hike to Tikaboo Peak

So, you want to spy on Area 51. But how can you get to the top of Tikaboo Peak? It’s easy. First of all: Make sure that your vehicle has four-wheel drive. Next, you should grab a shovel and a ton of water. Don’t forget to pick sunscreen and a pair of binoculars too!

Lastly, you need to have a lot of passion to get into Area 51 to attempt this crazy feat. Not to mention that you have to accept that you most likely won’t be seeing aliens when you get there. That being said, it’s time to plan out your journey to Area 51.

Now: Do you have your car and your shovel ready for the first step? Here we go. Drive down a rugged dirt road for 25 miles. Don’t be surprised if you have to pop out of the car to fix the road either – it’s known for needing regular shovel repairs.

Want to know the best part? This drive should take you most of the way up Tikaboo Peak. However, the last part involves a little bit of exercise. Yes, you read that right. Prepare to use your sunscreen and your water to hike just over a mile up the side of Tikaboo Peak.

We can’t emphasize this enough: This is a pretty treacherous hike to take by yourself because it’s so steep. Plus, there’s no water available on this leg of the trip and it’s very hot in this area. Have you reached the peak yet?

Congratulations! Get your binoculars and take your first look into the mysterious world of Area. Pat yourself on the back because you made it as close as you can legally get to one of the nation’s greatest secrets!

Rumors about Area 51

Everyone knows that there are tons of rumors about Area 51, but are any of them actually true? Here’s one of the most popular ones: Area 51 is all about hiding the fact that aliens exist. Sound crazy?

Apparently, this rumor came about sometime in the late 1980s. That’s when Bob Lazar told the media that he had spent time working at Area 51. Why? Because he was helping to create special technology that was inspired by alien spacecraft.

But wait – there’s more. As if that’s not enough, Lazar also claimed that he built real-life spaceships that were powered by anti-gravity machinery. Of course, the government has definitely denied this allegation. However, people in the surrounding area supposedly started to see UFOs at night after he made this revelation.

Keep in mind: There are still those out there that seriously doubt Lazar’s story. That’s because he may not have been 100% honest about his position at Area 51. Even worse, he might not have ever worked in the intelligence sector at all.

Not only that, but the government was caught lying to the public too. How so? At first, they said that Area 51 wasn’t real. Then, they started to release tons of information about the secret military base years later.

Here’s what we know for sure. Back in 1955, Area 51 opened its doors at the site of a new development area for combat aircraft. That includes things like spy planes and stealth bombers!

The story of Area 51

Curious about one of the first things that were invented at Area 51? That would be the high-altitude spy plane, which would explain why so many people thought they saw UFOs in the sky. How so?

Because the locals in the area had never seen lights so high up in the evening sky before. Even experienced commercial pilots were calling in some of these “alien” sightings as well. They just couldn’t fathom how something could be in the air above an airplane!

How did the government respond to all of these UFO sightings? Since they didn’t want to reveal their projects, they said that these weird lights were due to their “high-altitude weather research.” As a result, many people find it hard to trust the government when it comes to Area 51.

Are they really telling the truth? Is this just another cover-up? Maybe we’ll never know. Nevertheless, it’s still extremely interesting to think about Area 51 as a top-secret hideout for extraterrestrial activity. It’s even rumored that they’ve stored the alien remains of the big Roswell crash there as well.

Can we be totally honest with you? It’s the mystery that will continue to make people hike up Tikaboo Peak to see the base. Despite the fact that you’re still a whopping 26 miles away, it’s the closest that you can actually get to see Area 51 yourself. Even though the view isn’t to die for, it’s the adrenaline and the enigma that make it worth it!

Are you familiar with the “Storm Area 51” movement? Set for September 20, 2019, “Storm Area 51” is a Facebook event that calls for everyone to raid Area 51. Want to see for yourself? This might be your best bet!