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Having a plan will take your trip to Knott’s Berry Farm that much better.

Knott’s Berry Farm is a theme park located in Beuno Vista, California. The 57-acre fun land is one of the top-visited theme parks in the states and for good reason. With over 40 rides, a water park, themed shows, and an amazing selection of food, the park has a little something for every member of the family.

When it comes to hitting a theme park, wandering around might seem like the best way to go to figure out what you want to do and see, but knowing how to navigate the park ahead of time will make the most out of any day trip to Knott’s Berry Farm.

Ways to save money at the park

Everybody likes to save money and since a theme park can gouge the wallet pretty deep, any chance to save a few dollars is a chance that shouldn’t be passed missed. When it comes to admission, if you’re paying at the gate you’ll pay full price every time.

There are other ways to pay for admission, though. On the Knott’s Berry Farm website, there are plenty of discounted tickets available that you can choose from and that way you won’t have to wait in line at the ticket booth, either.

Know when to go

The time of year will have a huge impact on what kind of Knott’s Berry Farm experience you’ll have. They have special themes that go with the seasons and major holidays such as Merry Farm, the Christmas themed experience that runs from November 22 to January 5. These times can be especially busy.

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It’s also better to avoid crowds if you can go during the week because the weekend is the busiest time. The hours the park is open during the regular school year are less than the rest of the year, so you’ll have less time to cover the same amount of park ground.

Avoid long lines with a Fast Lane Pass, use other park services

The best and most foolproof way to avoid long lines is by buying their Fast Lane pass. This wristband is the holy grail of avoiding waiting times. If you have a Fast lane pass you can skip the 1-2 hour wait per ride and walk right on (depending on how many other people have boughten the Fast Lane pass.)

There are plenty of services in place to make things safe for you and your family. The Parent Located service gives you the option to register your kid in case they got lost or run off on you while you’re enjoying the park. The service takes down your number and calls you right away if you get separated from your child.

Knotts Berry Farm also provides a handy app that you can use for everything from seeing what the wait times are per ride to finding your car in the parking lot when you’re spent from a day of family fun.

Plan your rides

Before you hit up Knott’s Berry Farm, knowing what rides your group wants to go on and what you want to skip will help you get around the park faster and more efficiently. If you’re travelling with kids, knowing height restrictions ahead of time will keep you from standing in lines for rides they aren’t able to ride.

It’s also been said that going clockwise around the park is the best option to get the most of everything, but if you know what rides to skip you won’t have to worry about which direction you’re going in.

When hunger hits know where to go

The amount of food offered at Knott’s Berry Farm is unbelievable. They have all the typical theme park fare including burgers, hot dogs, and funnel cakes. They also have special options at most of their food joints for those with dietary restrictions.

They also have a meal plan option you can purchase that gives you the opportunity to order food every 90 minutes during your day trip. It doesn’t include drinks, but it might be worth it if you know all that walking and fun will work up a huge appetite.

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