Most of us dream about where we will go on our next vacation as we gear up to face another day at the office. For some lucky people, travel is a part of their regular work experience. Here are several travel jobs which actually have travel as a part of their job description.

If you like changing locations often

Getting a job as either a pilot or flight attendant almost ensures you will get to see lots of places all around the world. In addition, airline staff and their families often receive steep discounts for personal flights with the airline. The downside is that the hours are irregular. Also, you might not stay long enough in most places to see much besides the airport and your hotel. A slightly less glamorous airline position, such as customer service, offers some of the same perks with the added benefit of a more consistent schedule. You may not travel as often, but you get to choose where to go and save a lot of money on the flight to get there.

You could also join a traveling show as a stagehand. Traveling theater performances and musicians on tour often need stage crew to help with setting up and tearing down, ticketing, and other similar tasks for their events. This job can be a fast-paced, high energy lifestyle, so it’s not for everyone. That said, if you like the arts and don’t mind seeing 60 cities in 100 days, this might be the job for you.

If you like working with kids

There are positions all around the world for English teachers. Many of the better-paying positions require a bachelor’s degree and teaching certificate, but there are also options which require only a TEFL or TESOL certification. If you like kids and you’re a word nerd, working as an English teacher abroad can be a rewarding way to travel. Many ESL programs also offer their English teachers the chance to learn the local language and experience the culture in a way tourists cannot.

If you are young and like working with kids, but don’t want to be an English teacher, you could consider becoming an Au Pair. It’s similar to an exchange student program. Instead of being a student, you’re a part-time nanny. In exchange for up to 30 hours of childcare and light housekeeping per week, the host family provides room and board, a small salary, and access to language lessons. Au Pair positions are usually only available to single people under the age of 26. If you’re interested in the culture and language of a place, this is a great option for young people.

If you like shopping

A retail buyer is a person who makes the decisions about what a store will sell. Their job is to follow the trends in whatever types of product their store sells. They then meet with producers to negotiate contracts to sell products. This is especially true of clothing stores. This job requires a lot of travel, strong people and negotiating skills, and, in some cases, knowledge of the fashion industry. As an example, a retail buyer for a clothing store goes to fashion events. They work with designers or producers around the world to choose which items or designs should be sold in their store. They then negotiate the deal with the designer or producer. Finally, they make arrangements for shipments and other details, sometimes with the help of a team.

If you like helping others

Find work as a traveling nurse. If you are already certified to work as a nurse, a simple change could allow you to travel around the country, or perhaps even the world. A traveling nurse is moved around the country based on where the greatest need is. Housing and travel are usually covered as a part of the deal. Some companies are involved in worldwide medical aid work and will hire medical staff to work in places around the world. These are usually third-world countries or countries in crisis, but it can be a great way to travel and help people in need at the same time.

Consider serving your country. Joining the military can sometimes be a way to travel, as there are bases located all over the world. If the idea of the military is off-putting, look into serving with a different government agency. While everyone is familiar with the idea of diplomats, most people don’t realize there are many other support roles needed. Foreign Service Officers fulfill many important roles and are stationed at embassies around the world. If you are fluent in multiple languages, you could also consider working as a translator. There are both public and private sector positions for translators available.

There are also various work exchange programs designed for workers who don’t have a specialized skill set but want to trade generalized labor for room and board or a small salary while they travel. Jobs like these can be found through programs like Workaway, WWOOF, and HelpX.

And finally, you could declare yourself a professional volunteer. There are hundreds of different non-profit groups around the world working to solve problems and help people. Whether you have a specific skillset or a general willingness to serve, there are programs in need of people. Depending on the program, you might need to raise your own support. Regardless, volunteering can be a great way to travel on someone else’s dime. The best part is that you get to help people along the way.