Experience the Wild on a Luxury Safari

If you are looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience you will truly never forget, a safari is a great way to go. Few trips compare to the experience of seeing a nature documentary in real-time. Going on a safari vacation of any kind is a must-do experience before you die because nothing quite measures up to seeing animals interact in their natural habitat. With the guidance of experienced safari trackers, travelers are able to get up close and personal to nature’s biggest predators. Different safari lodges and tour providers offer different amenities, so you can go camping with a guide on a budget, or you can stay in a five-star safari lodge that caters to your every need.

Image: Twitter / Rothschild Safaris

Though this may seem like a complete fantasy, it is possible to take this kind of vacation regardless of your personal wealth (or lack of it). Be sure to research different safari outfitters, and no, we’re not just referring to people who can help you figure out what to wear. Safari lodges across the globe want to provide unique, once-in-a-lifetime experiences for people to experience the magic of Africa, Sri Lanka, India, or any other place you might find yourself choosing to explore. To put things simply; if there’s a will, there is certainly a way to make your vacation dreams a reality.

See Something From an Ancient Society

The ancient world is truly mystical. It is hard to wrap our heads around the advanced technology that existed when the pyramids of Giza were built, or when Machu Picchu was erected. Luckily, the world is filled with ancient artifacts throughout almost every region of the world. You might not even need to travel far to find something extraordinary from history.

Image: Getty / Fred Froese

Europe itself is a huge treasure trove of historical structures, from gorgeous cathedrals to ancient ruins. Asia is filled with spiritual destinations of historical significance, from the Great Wall of China to Angkor Wat. The list goes on and on, it is just a matter of what kind of destination you are looking for. The ancient world is responsible for so many of the greatest accomplishments of modern society. The choice is yours; the great Sphinx of Egypt, the Easter Island heads of Chile, and Colombia’s Lost City are all waiting for you to come and explore what they have to offer tourists.

See the Northern (or Southern) Lights

Nature can give us truly one-of-a-kind experiences just by stepping outside. Sure, a starry night sky can be worth a trip, but mother nature has really delivered in some other areas, too. The Aurora Borealis, best known as the Northern Lights, provides a unique look into one of the most extraordinary natural phenomenons in the world. People travel from all over the globe to experience this and see it with their own eyes. Some popular travel destinations to see the lights include Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Canada, and Alaska. Be sure to bring your parka, because the lights are only visible for part of the year, mostly in the winter months.

Image: Getty / Francesco Vaninetti

You can also experience something just like this in another region of the world; by going “down under” to Australia. The southern hemisphere boasts the Aurora Australis, Australia’s own natural wonder. Also known as the Southern Lights, this gorgeous natural phenomenon can be seen from Australia’s southern island of Tasmania. Luckily, residents of that region don’t have to cross the world to have their own gorgeous wonder to admire. If you can manage to see the Northern or Southern Lights at some point in your lifetime, you absolutely should.

Pamper Yourself at a Spa Resort

Everyone deserves to be treated like royalty at some point in their life. Spa vacations provide guests with unique pampering experiences to help them find bliss. Fortunately, the world is filled with spa resorts. Sometimes, the spa is even the main event. You could find yourself relaxing in a mud bath in a Swiss spa resort, or getting a massage in an overwater bungalow in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Ultimately, this trip has one goal in mind: ultimate relaxation.

Image: Twitter / Bahwah Reserve

You can treat yourself to a spa vacation anywhere across the world. Though you will likely receive more luxurious services by spending more money, there are tons of places where you can get the full rockstar treatment without making a huge dent in your pocket. You can travel to parts of Latin America or Southeast Asia and pay a fraction as much for a full-service spa resort as you would in other parts of the world. As they say, “treat yo’self!”