See why travelers are visiting Disneyland Paris rather than Disney World, Florida


  • Disneyland Paris is smaller than Walt Disney World, which gives visitors a more intimate experience.
  • There’s only one season in Orlando – hot – while Disney fans can enjoy more comfortable walking weather in Europe.
  • In addition to visiting Disneyland, travelers can also make it a cultural trip in and around the Paris area.

Lately, Americans who are looking for a Disney Theme Parks vacation are approaching it in a new way. Instead of going to Florida, they’re heading across the Atlantic Ocean to Disneyland Paris. Here are some reasons why this unique approach actually works for many families.

Close to Paris, but still feels like Disney

Sure, Disneyland Paris is significantly smaller than Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. However, it is still a great experience. In addition, there are also multiple nearby hotels, entertainment offerings, and restaurants that make you feel like you are still at Disney, but with a more European feel. In other words, this is the one time you’ll get the swap the churros for an authentic baguette.

Visitors will also be delighted to know that Disneyland Paris is close to the Paris city center, making a trip very easy, especially for a family with small children. Walt Disney World in Orlando, meanwhile, is about 45 minutes away from Orlando International Airport, 20 minutes from Universal Studios and 30 minutes from the Downtown Orlando area. This doesn’t include the heavy and congested Central Florida traffic, either.

Plus, you can get in two trips for one. There’s no need to compromise as kids get to enjoy all of the perks that Mickey Mouse and his friends have to offer while parents and adult travelers also get to squeeze in an Instagram-worthy shot by the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe.


Visit ‘The City Of Lights’ and EuroDisney

While there’s no doubt that visiting any Disney theme park – regardless of its location – can be tough on the wallet, if you pick the right time to visit Paris you might benefit from better currency exchange rates.

Plus, if you are being forced to wait in an hour-long ride for the Haunted Mansion or the Phantom Manor, you might as well do it in comfortable, fall-like weather than in Florida’s constant year-round heat. Another added bonus is that Disneyland Park in Paris is weather-proof. While Walt Disney World has been forced to close its doors because of impending hurricanes, two walkway arcades at Disneyland Paris makes it easy to navigate the park during inclement weather. There are also some attractions that are enclosed.

Beat the heat and the crowds

Another reason why Paris might be a better idea is that depending on when you want to go, you might be lucky enough to visit during the French offseason. For example, many French families pack their bags for the countryside during their annual four-week leave in August, which would make it an ideal time for American families to visit. In comparison, families looking to squeeze in a last-minute getaway before school starts will find August to be an incredibly hot and crowded time to visit Walt Disney World.

Scheduling for EuroDisney might turn out to be easier than you’d expect.

French and European students also start their school year later and end a few weeks after their American counterparts. If you plan accordingly, you can ride all the rides without having to micromanage your family with a fast pass plan.

Plus, visiting Disneyland Paris is a much more enjoyable and less stressful way to visit the mouse’s house without having to worry about hitting several major parks and attractions during a one-week stay.

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