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The once hurricane-ravaged island has made a huge comeback.

St Croix Island is in the Caribbean Sea and is part of the Virgin Islands, the unincorporated territory of the US. The small island is surrounded by beautiful blue waters and the shoreline is covered in white sandy beaches, both of which are synonymous with the Caribbean Islands and the beauty of tropical paradises.

Unfortunately, the island didn’t always look like this. Less than three years ago, the islands were hit by not one but two major hurricanes and ended up pummelled with destruction. Now, though, the island has slowly been rebuilt, and it’s a great destination for that escape from the day to day.

The history of St Croix

St Croix Island was sold by Denmark to the US in 1916 for over 20 million dollars in gold. The majority of Danish citizens voted for the sale of the island and after that, the people that called the island home were given US citizenship by 1927.

The island thrived as a US territory for a while until a refinery closed in 2012, and then the job loss sent the economy of the island to low levels. In 2018, it was hit by Hurricane Maria, causing extensive damage and economic loss to the island. They are still rebuilding today, but have made immense progress in the years following the hurricane.

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St Croix Island crime rates

Some people consider St Croix to be a little dangerous to travel to because of its economic turmoil and high rate of poverty, but that might be a little bit of a stretch. The island itself does have a high crime rate, but that doesn’t mean that travel there has to be scary.

According to crime reports from the island, the threat or fear of violence is higher than the actual level of attacks or muggings. The rates of crime are so high because of the low population and poverty levels, not because of the number of crimes that actually take place.

Safety precautions to take

The same safety precautions that can be used on a trip to New York can be utilized in St Croix. Walking alone at night is on the no list, along with leaving valuables in your hotel and avoiding deserted places while alone. It’s also best to ensure that your rental car is unlocked and empty, to avoid any unnecessary break-ins. There is a heavy police presence on the island, though, so whether that makes you more or less comfortable is up to personal preference.

Most residents of the island are regular people

After being hit by two hurricanes and suffering immense damage, the residents of St Croix still managed to rebuild as best they possibly could. The Buccaneer, the island’s oldest hotel, is fully open and ready for business after being used for housing for relief workers during months of rehabilitation of the island.

Almost 100 percent of the island’s businesses have been reopened and food and Christmas festivals are also taking place this year to help bring in more tourists and help the residents stay positive in the wake of all the calamity.

Flying in to the St Croix Island Airport

The functional airport in St Croix is Henry E. Rohlsen and it’s fully operational. There are direct flights into St Croix from several cities across the US including Miami, Charlotte, San Juan. If you’re coming from anywhere else, they have stopovers available, some as low as $300 round trip.

The best part about traveling by air to Henry E. Rohlsen is that if you’re a US Citizen, you don’t need a passport to travel there. You can hop on a plane without all the travel worries and head to the island for the weekend for a few days of fun in the sun. It’s an easy trip from anywhere in the States, and the island currency is US dollars.

Things to do in St Croix

There are plenty of amazing things to do in St Croix, all that won’t cost an arm and a leg. There are boat charters that will take you and your travel companions on trips around the island or scuba diving through boat wreckages off the coast of the island.

You can also lounge on one of St Croix’s beautiful white sandy beaches, hit up their restaurant scene for some authentic island food or visit landmarks such as Point Udall, the beautiful rock promontory with an actual castle sitting on the side of the cliffs overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

Essential takeaways

St Croix is a beautiful island that can get you out of the city you’re in and into a tropical paradise without you having to change currencies or update your passport.

The small island is chock-full of fun things to do and it’s an inexpensive way to experience the Virgin Islands.

Although the island may not be as safe as some other resort islands may market themselves to be, being aware of your surroundings and taking safety precautions will keep you safe on your next trip. If Americans keep migrating there, there must be a very good reason for it.

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