There’s plenty to do for skiers and non-skiers alike

Quick overview:

  • The area has a large skiing heritage

  • There are plenty of outdoor activities for non-skiers, including a series of natural hot springs.

  • The town is full of dining and nightlife

In Steamboat Springs, Colorado, cowboy culture meets world-class Rocky Mountain skilling. Visitors can experience a memorable ski vacation in a relaxed and friendly mining-era town. The area offers a variety of ski runs, luxurious accommodations, and food prepared by world-class chefs that combine to make for a memorable winter getaway.

It starts with skiing

Steamboat Springs comes alive in the winter, with alpine sights that include frosty meadows, snow-covered pine trees, icicle trimmed buildings, and twinkling white lights throughout downtown. However, the town is really known for skiing and has earned the name Ski Town USA. It was here that the term “Champagne Powder” was coined by a ranch owner of the land where the resort is currently located. He remarked that the powder was so fine it tickled his nose like champagne. Since being developed, the area has produced 95 Olympians.

Much of the town’s skiing options are centered around Steamboat Springs Resort. This resort is nothing short of enormous. It has 169 trails and 18 lifts that are placed on almost 3,000 acres. The resort includes a range of restaurants, lodging areas, and other amenities.

If you don’t ski, there’s still plenty to do

There are plenty of other things to do after a long day of skiing or if hitting the slopes just isn’t your thing. For starters, you can take part in horse-drawn sleigh rides or — if your craving some motorsports excitement — snowmobile tours. You can also experience the range of nature in the area with cross country skiing, snowshoeing, or exploring the backcountry with a horseback ride.


After all of your activities, you can also go shopping or enjoy any one of the area’s spas. Alternately, visitors can relax in any one of the area’s natural hot springs, like Strawberry Park Hot Springs located less than 7 miles from downtown. Not only are these springs relaxing, but the minerals in the soaking water have also been known to contain a range of healing properties for those who are able to enjoy them.

Dining, lodging, and nightlife

Steamboat Springs has quite a few lodging options ranging from quaint but cozy bed and breakfasts to rented condos, timeshare options, and the luxurious Ptarmagin Inn or the Steamboat Grand Resort. Rooms are available at a range of price points so you can make a choice that best fits your budget.

The Steamboat Springs area has more than 100 restaurants, bars, and cafes. If you’re looking for a hearty breakfast before a day of activities, consider Urban Egg or Wade’s Cafe. Casual lunches or dinners can be enjoyed at Mahogany Ridge Brewery, Steamboat Springs Brauhaus, or the Creekside Cafe and grill.

If you’re looking to dine out, Steamboat Springs has a range of options that include simple cafes, fine dining and carefully crafted cocktails.

If you’re in the mood to celebrate or enjoy a romantic dinner, the town accommodates that too. Cafe Diva is one of the most extravagant restaurants in town with a tailored service and a comprehensive wine list. If you’re thinking of a full steak dinner after an active day, the E3 Chophouse has a strong menu and generous window view of the river. Nightlife lovers or those looking for after-dinner wine and cocktails can head to The Laundry, a historic building turned nightspot that serves infused liquors and craft cocktails and decadent appetizers..

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